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  1. I chose Toyo’s for not only our Camelot but also chose them for my pickup & the Edge that we tow. Michelin’s are good tires but it’s hard to justify the higher cost knowing that they will age out long before running out of tread. I often bought Toyo tires for our regional trucks for many years when I was working.
  2. I have used the FMCA program in the past but the last time I was shopping for tires I checked around & was able to get better pricing at my local Firestone dealer here in central CA. Their total price including mounting & balancing was better than what I saw from several tire dealers in Oregon where they have no sales tax! It just goes to say that we should shop for the best deal. I do think that if we have tire issues we probably would like to have bought from a dealer that we have a past business relationship with.
  3. ncsteve.... I am new to Monaco having bought a 09 Camelot recently......what is a MSC search? Thanks
  4. I would appreciate hearing what you find is causing this so I can benefit from your solutions.
  5. I recently bought an '09 Camelot with the same intermittent issues on both the left & right sides near the front of the coach as we are driving. I was washing the outside of the coach before our last trip when I I discovered that above the left front tire the exterior wall moved a little when I braced myself by pushing on it, I tightened the vertical mounting screw on the backside right above the tire. I didn't notice the intermittent rattle on our last trip. Now, the similar rattle on the right side still exists as I didn't find anything needing tightening on that side. The coach also has an irritating squeak coming from the left front slide by the galley sink amidships. With the slide retracted I can make the squeak happen by pushing on the countertop in front of the sink. An old friend had a saying......."Needs more thinking" so I am still working on these two issues.
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