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  1. Thank you for the diagram and manual! I didn't think about the solar electric, will isolate that also. It appears the fault code is the in Rear right height sensor or right tag valve, based on the manual. I wonder if them jacking the back up might have just pulled a plug enough to cause a disconnection. The system was working perfect until I took it in for tires. It doesn't make sense to me either. I'll slide under and see what I can do before heading to the shop in the morning. Thank you again for the materials. I'll take a copy with me for them.
  2. Last evening, after having all six rear tires replaced, the Valid Air panel is showing a fault, rapid flashing of both power and travel buttons and a single red dot in for the right rear wheels. The dot is the one closest to the driver. If I hold the travel button down, the vehicle display shows all green lights. The MH looked level sitting in their parking lot. Additionally, the parking brake light didn’t immediately go off when that brake was released (stayed on for two or three minutes). After shutting off the engine, I pulled the fuses fir the system and turned off both chassis and house battery circuits. Everything looked fine, all 10 bags inflated, no sound of leaking air with 110 lbs in both tanks. Restarted and headed down the road. Within 2 miles the alarm was going off and the same fault showing. Will be heading back to the shop, but wondering if any experts with this system have an idea what happened. I’m guessing a sensor or something got knocked off, but can’t reconcile in my mind why the fault doesn’t immediately show. Air pressure stayed over 105 psi on the way home. The shop is only 10 miles from the barn, I stopped once on the way home and cut all power again, and the same thing happened. As the entire trip is all 45 mph or less, I can’t say if the active leveling is working as it should going down the road, but I’m guessing not as it will not engage the auto mode when parked. Any ideas?2009 Monaco Camelot 42pdq with Power Gear/Valid Air (factory installed ) air only leveling. The tire dealer has made arraignments with a local heavy truck repair faculty to look at it tomorrow. Does anyone know if OTR trucks have a similar system? I'm guessing not, but I don't have a pit in the barn to get fully underneath to work on the system. Thank you.
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