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  1. They all come with a dump valve. Some are mechanical, some are electric. All use gravity to drain. And unfortunately, every model is unique. If the manual is not available, or simply no help, try to follow the plumbing lines, starting at the tank.
  2. I have fried my 30/50 dogbone trying to use both A/C's on a 30 amp service. The A/C units have a sharp high-amperage draw when the compressor starts up. As I understand it, the soft start device softens the spike in current draw at start-up. Might well be worth the investment!
  3. My acrylic handle is illuminated by a single led bulb in a reflector inside the chrome trim cap at the bottom end. Perhaps it's something you could retrofit if the factory didn't install one.
  4. Great info, Dennis. Brings me back to my boating days before upgrading to a land yacht. Had a few sh*tty stories, mainly from guests treating the head like a trash can!🤬 I love being the envy of my camping group of friends. While they are setting up their stinky slinky's for a week-long stay, I put the macerator wand in the drain at the end of the stay.😁👍
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