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  1. Paul, you are correct. I've been up there since my reply and I see that the same mounts are on the roof. Mine are covered in sealant, probably Dicor, and were somewhat camouflaged.
  2. Thanks, I'll check it out. Gary, mine is attached with pop rivets at the stand-offs but is somehow solidly attached to the roof at the handrails.
  3. Some of the ladder mounts on my Diplomat need to be replaced. Does anybody have a source for these?
  4. Tom Brown

    2001 Monaco Diplomat 36


  5. Well, it was definitely a good tip. Thanks
  6. I read a tip on here (I think), buy a male an a female plug and wire alligator clips to them. If you need to apply 12v to something far from your battery plug your newly wired plugs onto each end of your 50' extension cord. You now have a 50' test lead. I thought it was a great idea an plan on doing that soon.
  7. Here's a tip regarding air horns. When you settle in for the night put a "chip clip" on the switch so it won't go off when the cat steps on the switch at 5 am like mine did.
  8. I would think that the 30/30/50 Y adapter will work as intended. 50 amp service supplies 2 120v lines. They never connect to make a 240v line. Do a continuity check on the Y adapter (between each 30 amp and the 50 amp) and you will see that the 50 amp outlet has 2 separate 120v connectors.
  9.  Tom B.  2001 Diplomat 36B / 2009 GMC Sierra 1500

  10. I've heard that they may. I've never seen one light up. I took the chrome ends off of mine and there are no lights under there.
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