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  1. Does anyone know if we can replace the body side molding that the arrows are pointing to in the picture? If so, where can we get the replacement? I am not at my coach right now but it looks to be approx. 5/8" - 3/4" wide that goes the entire length of the coach. Thank you in advance.
  2. Actually now thinking further there were 2 fuses in the same forward compartment, one in the big center box and the other in the lower right box as I described earlier. Good luck.
  3. I had the same problem, none of the running lights/ Marker lights worked. Headlights, brake and turn signal lights worked fine. The drivers side front compartment has a series of boxes with fuses and relays. My panel was the lower right side. Squeeze the lock down clamps to pull the cover off. Look for the fuse labeled marker lights and check to see if the fuse is good, replace if needed. I had a blown fuse, replaced it and all is well. This is just one man's opinion and I hope this helps.
  4. John, The digital control panel P/N 3314082000 that you used as a replacement, is that a direct replacement for the 4 or 5 button control center? I have the 5 button control panel (P/N 3109228.001) and would like to upgrade to the digital control panel. However as Vito pointed out, is the digitial control panel compatible with the AC control board in my 1999 Monaco? Any information you may provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you Dennis
  5. Interested with this setup as well. My coach is a 1999 Monaco Diplomat.
  6. Hi Gary, I replaced the entire light fixture using the following from Amazon. Facon Fashion LED RV Dome Light, 9-1/4'' Length Oval Pancake Light, 12 Volt Interior Ceiling Dome Light with On/Off Switch for RV Motorhomes Camper Caravan Trailer Boat. The base plate that I used was a 1" x 8" that I routed the outside edges and stained to match the cabinets. They work great with no issues. The one in the bathroom, when I open the closet door it hits the fixture, just need to rearrange the fixture on the base plate. I have attached a picture of the new light installation.
  7. Good meeting you and we are glad that helped you out.
  8. Cubflyer - 1 Lens Cover, PM me with shipping and shipping payment information. Bob Stevens - 1 complete Light Assembly - Meet up on Friday in Orlando. PM me with your cell number. Rustygold - 1 complete Light Assembly - PM me with shipping and shipping payment information. Still Available: 1 complete assembly with a cracked cover. One assembly for parts.
  9. Walker - The model number is 746. Cubflyer - Heading to Fords Garage in Orlando on Friday, I can bring a cover with me. Bob - I am located in Vero Beach.
  10. Hey Jamie that works for me. Send me your address so I can calculate delivery. We can do PayPal if that works for you.
  11. We replaced our ceiling lights with new LED's and have the old lights available if someone needs them for parts or to use. We have 3 complete perfectly working lights with good covers and one that I took apart to use as a pattern. Free, you pay shipping from Florida.
  12. The surround plastic panel on the front of this microwave was brittle and broke although the unit worked fine. We salvaged the touch control panel. Offers accepted and you pay shipping from Florida.
  13. We have a 1999 Monaco Diplomat and we replaced our 1850 Convection Oven with a Whirlpool Microwave Model Number UMV1160CB ($170.00). It was almost a direct fit with only a few minor modifications. The microwave works well for what we use it for. I basically dismantled the old one to get it out however Jim B hit the nail on the head with the 2 main screws to remove and they are very long.
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