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    This is our 5th MH, we have owned it for over 9 years. We travel in our MH at least monthly and with one trip per year f for at least a month. I'm a do it yourself kind of guy. I'm fortunate that my career was the operation and maintenance of equipment
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  1. Reading 24 volts with batteries in parallel is not normal, If you have the manual for your ME2012 there is a trouble shooting section that may help you identify your problem.
  2. The REV group will provide you with a BUILD SHEET for specific vehicle if you provide them the VIN number for that vehicle.
  3. The inverter provided 120v AC to dedicated circuits when shore power or generator sources are unavailable.
  4. Many electronic products will not perform properly on inverters that produce a modified sine wave output such as your inverter/charger.
  5. Most any local sheetmetal should be able tofabricate a basement storage door and body shop will be able to paint. Jim
  6. On my 04 Holiday Rambler Endeavor with ALCOA wheels 425 ft lbs.
  7. Most likely your problem is the pressure switch that is located on the Parking Brake Valve. It can be found directly below the knob that applies and releases parking brake. This a common failure and they are readily available at any parts store that carry long hauls commercial truck parts. Jim
  8. Zingman 64 has stated the roller rotates and the fabric gets loose. Jim
  9. Thanks for the clarification, Most likely one gas struts has failed and remaining one doesn't provide capability to extend the awning. It could also be it just stuck and need a little assistance to manually pulling from the top when trying to extend it. Once you get it extended you will be able to disconnect one end of one gas struts to determine if is good, you will have to check each strut independently. Hope this helps to solve your problem. Jim
  10. Please clarify "SPINS" does this mean that the roller rotates and it doesn't extend or does it mean that you hear it running and no movement of the roller. Ji,
  11. I damages one of my basement doors, I took it to a sheet metal shop and they made one, He was able the damaged one as a sample of required material and design. Took it to a body shop for the painting. Total coast around $1500, Jim
  12. Glad you resolved the problem. It may be frustrating at times but is rewarding when you fix the problem. Jim
  13. My coach came with the BIG BOY but it would only combine the coach and chassis battery banks when you manually presses the switch on the dash. The coach batteries didn't get any charging when driving down the road unless you had you generator running to supply power to the inverter/charger. I never had the problem until I replaces the BIG BOY with an ACR, Jim
  14. One our coach (04 Holiday Rambler Endeavor) the alternator trouble WARNING light will come on. When you have both charging devices (chassis alternator and coach inverter/charger in the charge mode) connected to a common battery the voltage regulator of the two charging circuits are not designed for this configuration.
  15. I replaced the gasket on my neighbors 5th wheeler, it was a pretty simple job, His came with the large rectangular piece and a 6" strip of the same material. I had to cut the strip into 4 square pieces to place where the hold down bolts penetrate the roof that are located outside the parameter of the main gasket. He just ordered his from Amazon, I think it was around $25.
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