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  1. 👍 Thank you! Will do. New ones on the way Good insights! Thank you Ha! Right. Ordered the new ones. Thank you!
  2. Thank you very much for the insight! Super grateful!!!
  3. Here are the pictures of the “pig tail” we made. What do you think?
  4. Super appreciate the help. I will go get the right person to help me. Again, thank you for the help and response!!!! Got it! Thank you again for the help! Getting an electrician to come out and install. Super appreciate the help!!
  5. Sorry for such a late reply. I’m active duty and am in and out consistently. Honestly not sure whom I’ve replied too at this point. Thank you for the detailed response. Will get someone here to set this up properly! Thank you again Sir for the help!!
  6. Sorry for such a late reply. I’m active duty and have been out of pocket for awhile. Thank you for the help. question: Is there a product/adapter that I can use to plug into my dryer plug and then plug my coach into already set up? A “pig tail” already set up for this? thank you again Sir. James
  7. I was born and raised in So. Cal. Loved growing up where I could surf in San Clemente, head over the Ortega highway and go through the mountains to ride dirt bikes in the Mojave. They say there is no place like home... Who-ever they is... their are right. There is no place like Calif....I would never even think about going back to live anywhere in Ca. All my friends there are packing up and heading to Az. or Utah. I’m convinced that the over-all philosophy is to run as many people out of the state as possible, so the elitists can have free run. Sad!
  8. Awesome! Will call now. Super grateful and appreciate the help. Thank you!
  9. Dear Awning Dr.😎 James Miller here. I have a 2004 HR 40PRT. All window awnings do not have the pull strap. They are carefree awnings out of Colorado. I went to their website and they have 27” and 93” straps. I would think the 27” is sufficient. Please lend your advice. Thank you, James
  10. Male and female ends of the pig tail. Reconfiguring it. It only had a ground...no neutral. The good news is everything in the RV is good, but the inverter board for the fridge is shot. I’m getting an RV elect. to install a legit plug in box at the house next week. Oh, never too much caffeine. It keeps me in the game on deployments! 😎 So awesome. Thank you.
  11. Awesome! Thank you. Going to reconfigure with a neutral.
  12. The current state of this section was reached in the 2008 NEC, which forbade new construction from using the feeder neutral to provide ground for the fed system. (Your choices now are to provide a separate ground wire, which is what is normally done, or use a distribution transformer to create a separately derived system for the fed building, which has its own N-G bond.) Many of the installations that fall under the current exception were installed prior to the 1999 NEC, which is the first edition that forbade parallel current paths between the structures involved. Tom, would
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