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  1. I think normally they only throttle back the speed once you’ve exceeded your data limit, isn’t that correct?
  2. The thing that bothers me is the comment: "AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. See AT&T broadband info" The can throttle you back whenever they want, can't they? Bill
  3. this link below worked great, thanks http://forum.rvhydronicheaterrepair.com/content.php
  4. Hi Paul, Have you been able to get to the forum? I followed a link via http://www.rogerberke.com/) but the forum link does not work, nor the "contact me" link.
  5. Yes, the bed is on the slide. I contacted Lippert and they are having one made, probably from Talin RV I suspect. It will take a couple weeks and probably be dropped shipped. Thanks,
  6. I'm not sure if anyone saw this post, but I am looking for anyone that might know where I can get this replacement part. The lippert/powergear part number is 520971.
  7. I went to slide my bedroom slide in today, when I was heading out on a 4 week trip, and after about 12 inches I hear this clicking grinding noise and the slide stopped moving. After an hour or two of troubleshooting and brainstorming we discovered that the bar on top of the motor that moves the slide in had worn and the bar's gears would not stay in contact with the motor's rotating gear. It would slip out (the bar connected to the slide's gear would slip out of the motor's rotating gear. I was able to use a hammer to force the bar down in to contact enough with the motor's rotating gear to mo
  8. Good to know thank you Thanks to everybody for their feedback
  9. I went to the parts listing that are great forum has provided and found the part Number and went to Napa and got the parts so I am good to go. Thanks everyone
  10. I leave tomorrow for about a month long trip and my ignition switch is acting up (turning off by itself in accessory). Does anyone know of a NAPA (or other) part number for the ignition switch for a 2001 Monaco Dynasty ISC 370 Cummins Chassis? If you know if any other source I am all ears. Thanks in advance.
  11. Here are a couple from my 2001 Dynasty. Hope they help
  12. Stephen W, What kind of files are these? My downloaded files have the extension "*.heic", which I am not familiar with.
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