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  1. I might be missing something myself. I am pretty sure the refrigerant for my units was R22. The coach dash air conditioning takes r 134 as my Chevy 2002 trailblazer does. My son in law bought the refrigerant for me. I will ask him tomorrow and correct if I am wrong.
  2. R22 is the older refrigerant. Still available for older cooling units.
  3. I just tapped all three of my units and one used stop leak with a charge of R22, send one was full and third one need a top off. Been working great for 4 months. The taps are 4.50each on Amazon. The stop leak works great. I paid 90 for a tech to climb the roof and check and charge what was needed. 05 sig
  4. I am not sure what steps you have but I had to replace the motor on my 05 sig steps. Started working slowly the often not closing fully. Motor from NAPA, ford Lincoln, thunderbird and cougar pasanger door window motor. 85.00 from Napa. good luck paul
  5. This is the scan code that guy read on my series 60 check engine light. Does anyone know if this is serious? I don’t know what level 1 means. The engine starts and runs good. paul I forgot to attach photos
  6. Ernie, I only have the Aladdin which came with the coach. I usually drive with the engine diagnostic on which reads engine and tranny on a split screen. Rpms, temp, speed, gear, and fuel mileage among other things. It seems to work well. paul
  7. George. I was coming through West Virginia last October it started when I was climbing the long hills and quit descending and after a few hours the check engine stayed on. I might have had the tranny in Economy mode. I couldn’t tell with the light and sunlight. The tranny was stuttering while up shifting but that cleared up ounce we got out of the hills. According to Aladdin engine and tranny never overheated. The red flashing light is on all the time now when running. I can lower the warning noise and put tape over the red light to get by. It never has smoked and doesn’t now. I had a
  8. George, I am leaving in a little while and won’t be able to order the optiLube you recommended. I picked up some BG 245 from NAPA. Do you think it would hurt to run it for a tankful till I get to where I will be for a while to order the other product? I also have some DieselKleene with Cetene Boost. Could I run that? I am trying to clean up one injector before it dies. I am leaving on the 16th for about an 750 mile trip and will be parked for another month then. paul
  9. George, I will order these today and try them. I am here for another week and will make the change. I know I have 10micron on there now. thanks Paul
  10. MY GOODNESS!!! I love this site. Where else can you simply ask a question and people run to your aid. I am going to print and save this one for the future. Thanks David for all the detail. paul
  11. I had trouble with my front air gage on my sig. it started slowly not coming up to pressure then after a few months of only showing a few lbs finally quit. Paul Whittle recommended a gage on eBay and it works fine. Black bezel instead of gold but I can live with that. I had the same leveling issues you are having and with Randy’s help at HWH went through the trouble shooting looking for fuses in several controll box’s and finally replaced the control button panel and all was good instantly. good luck My coach front tank always aired up, the gage just didn’t work. Paul Whittle said
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