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  1. Thank you for all the info.When we can travel South again,we will be going to source engineering for the trailing arms and associated upgrades to our coach.
  2. Thank you. I have seen source engineering mentioned in relation to this issue.when we can leave CANADA I will call them,on my way south. Thanks for all the info
  3. Have any members had their trailing arms replaced as a preventative measure.Ours appear to be o.k. Where would I expect to see crack on arm? Thanks
  4. We have a 2003 Monaco knight,it is 32 feet.Have no info on Baron.
  5. Where would this device be located. I looked under dash,nothing I recognize. Is this labelled? Thanks Nothing in my manuals about test button.A picture of one would be great.I will look when snow is gone.saanichton, b.c.
  6. Abs light on ,brakes work,air hydraulic 32 ft Monaco knight, any hints,ideas.Omega slide topper spring replacement, all hints appreciated. Thanks in advance for help
  7. Abs light on,brakes work,air hydraulic on 32 ft Monaco knight. Any information appreciated. Thank you in advance
  8. Front slide topper spring.Omega slide topper,question mark arm.How to replace spring?Any hints appreciated. Thanks
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