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  1. Steven, Good idea! I'm researching the seal for my Sealand Toilet, Model 511, as it no longer holds water and I need to lubricate the Weiland rabbit ears (the inside handle broke attempting to raise it 😖), and I'll be crawling under the coach if the leveling jacks fail to retract tomorrow morning...😆 I'll keep y'all posted! 👍
  2. Here's the temps for the NotsoCold...I must admit, I'm very happy, but we're also connected to 50A service. When we picked up the coach from storage, the freezer was at 0° and the fridge was 34°. 👍🤗🥰 We did throw a ton of product in there, so it's probably still adjusting....at least the beer is cold. 🍻 Any threads about checking the leveling jacks not retracting? I might be here longer than planned! 😆
  3. Well, we're in Marianna....I've got additional pics to share....safe to say I don't think I'll be trying this again....it was dark lst night and my headlights are in dire need of an upgrade...woke up today to this.. Thanks again to everyone for making this community such a beautiful place. ♡ The first two are what I believe to be the fresh water dump....I'm afraid that valve is shot....trickle, drip, drip...😆 More pics! And of course, Bixler approves, so I must be doing something right ✅
  4. 😄 Oh my gosh! That's exactly what it was doing! The left freezer was very cold, the right side though, not as much...and fridge was just warm... I will update with pics of temps tomorrow before we embark to Marianna!
  5. Thanks for the comments... I have returned it to storage this morning (I began to feel Code Enforcement was on the prowl yesterday around the neighborhood). I am on flat, level concrete at the storage facility (Big Boys Toys U-haul Storage in Thonotosassa, Fl). I plugged into 30A Shore, ran back home so my wife could make her 9AM Zoom meeting, then got back in the TDI to go back out and check on it again... The freezer was already working (it was down to 40 degrees and getting colder! 👍), yet the fridge portion didn't budge...still sitting around 60 degrees...I'm thinking once the
  6. Dave, Thank you for the suggestion. I will dive into their site and explore my options. 👍
  7. Jim, Wow! Well done....that looks to be outside my skill set, especially the forklift part and removing windows. I have read where the front windshield is removed to facilitate fridge removal and installation. 😱🤯 I'll keep a close eye on our Norcold. It really is a beautiful fridge, complete with the cherry cabinetry on the doors. But when that fateful day arrives, I'll share my solution as well 😉
  8. Steven and Jim, Yeah, I thought that odd, too...it cools when hooked to Shore, bit nothing with gennie or propane...🤔 also, the coach wasn't level, so I didn't want to push my luck....I have since attempted to level the coach...it's close, but not close enough...the street is at an incline (which I've addressed) but the pitch to curbside is pretty aggressive, and I'm unable to correct it enough I did buy 2 new fridge thermometers from Lazy Days yesterday, so I'll be able to update with new pics once cooled. 👍
  9. I do....I see several blue pex peeking out from underneath....but there's no hand valves to release the fresh water tank...it's a solid cover underneath...so I've been running the water pump thru the 4 main pipes, kitchen, bathroom, shower and toilet... The PO had some special things done to the coach, plumbing-wise, so I'm hunting and pecking to see what works... At least I'm down to 32% fresh...but gray and black are still at 0%...will admit, I haven't put much down either pipe...at least the toilet holds water and the shower works whilst on WP and LP....should count my blessings..
  10. Steven, Jim, Frank and the good Dr., Appreciate the overwhelming support! I dd go back out last night around midnight and shut off the propane option to the fridge....it wasn't 1° cooler, so it'll have to wait for another day. I did clean the flue and related assemblies (man, the rust/dust was everywhere!) and was able to witness the propane assembly operate, so it at least works on that side of the equation....once the coach is level, it should work, yes? Good idea about taking along an external battery charger! And downloading the RC7-GS manual for better understanding of th
  11. I'm going thru our new RV (well, new to us!) and I can't figure out how to dump the fresh water tank....the diagrams in the manual are not what I have... I ha e been able to get the water pump to work on what's left in the tank (38%), but I'd rather simply flush it quickly and refill to clean and prep for our upcoming trip. Any suggestions?
  12. Barry over at Josam is the place to go! He's not cheap, but the work is exceptional and you can't go wrong! Tell him Eddie from Landstar says "Hi!". It's been a few years, but getting work done there is a sound investment for sure!
  13. Jim, I've experienced 34° in the fridge whilst plugged into Shore Power in San Antonio, Texas during springtime....and it's had no problem with the freezer, either....it's had the recall done to it (called the Monaco recall hotline) before I bought it... Sorry to hear about not being able to enjoy ice cream...Penny and I love it...when the time comes to replace the Norcold, can you suggest residential alternatives?
  14. Frank, the thermometer is sitting in the fridge,, 1st shelf......and no, the Coach is outside the front of the house on a slight incline, so no, it's not truly level. Guess I need to head back out there and either attempt to level it, OR, shut it down? Thanks for the heads-up! 👍
  15. Jim, That's been my biggest fear...it's operated flawlessly on Shore Power and the Genset, so I feel I might be pushing my luck trying to get it to work on propane. But, if we want to keep our foodstuffs cold whilst OTR, it's gotta work. I've included pics of a starting point to see if the propane will function. The pics were taken about 2030 this evening. I'm going back out there around midnight to check my progress....and to make sure the Coach isn't ablaze. 😆
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