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  1. Looks like the Trimark baggage door lock 958308 is discontinued. is there a replacement for it? Gary 05 AMB DST
  2. I had that problem on my 05. If they used rivets, they are riveting the two fiberglass panels. There is no metal structure at that point. Those are probably aluminum rivets I couldn't see where this is happening. On mine it was the front assembly. Gary 2005 AMB DST
  3. Steve, The oil change techs hate those shields. After one change, years ago, the tech just pulled it down and bent it. Didn't know till after. What I did was remove it and put hinges on that section of the shield below the filter. They just have to remove the one bolt and the shield goes down to give them access. I have received many compliments since then on how easy it made their job. Gary 05 AMB DST
  4. Just replaced mine last year after it froze up (rust). Gary 05 AMB DST
  5. Just had a member of the ranblinpushers tell us that his wastegate froze and now he lubricates that also. Where is the wastegate? Thanks Gary 05 AMB DST
  6. I don't remember the torque for the wheels from one of my tours of the Elkhart chassis factory in the second half of the 2000 decade. 200 ft lbs seems to be in my head. But I do remember that a young man torqued them with a very long torque wrench. He let me try it and I couldn't get the torque wrench to click. I was 6' 3", 240 lbs and it was a slap in the face. Gary 05 AMB DST
  7. There is a filter in the fluid container that might need replacement. My 05 uses WIX 51487 or NAPA 1487. I'm starting to see a pattern in the part numbers.
  8. My 05 Ambassador owners manual calls it hydraulic fluid and uses 15w-40 motor oil. Gary 05 AMB DST 05 was the year that the Ambassador was moved to the 8 air bag platform like the Endeavor's.
  9. Rik, Did you have an aluminum roof? How did you prep it? Gary 05 AMB DST towing my 2003 Honda Pilot, 233,000 mi LOL
  10. Lori, My greatest fear is the A/C. I'll be watching the replies. Gary 05 AMB DST
  11. I had that problem 10 years ago. The cause was the factory caulking at the top had dried from being out in the sun for 5 years. Never checked it. Checking the caulking should be another annual maintenance. I'm sure Mr. Throgmartin will be replying soon. He is a good teacher plus a former Marine. Gary 05 AMB DST
  12. I know it's too late for you, but I took a picture of mine years ago and downloaded it. Gary 05 AMB DST
  13. I think to remove the inner panel, you have to remove the window. Gary 05 AMB DST
  14. I've always wondered what is behind the rear cap that they attach to. Is there any way see it? Gary 05 AMB DST
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