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  1. Good morning, Steve. This is where I screwed up, but your plumbing looks correct. Did you lower the coach before you tried to air the bags? If not, the leveling valve will not send air to the ping. I think I had the same issue. I did not want to put the weight of the coach on empty airbags. When I lowered it, everything worked. Good luck!
  2. Steve, Sorry you had so much grief! From the photos, it looks like mine was the same setup. Maybe the Cayman has more fender clearance than the Knight. You are right, is is definitely not fun, but I was quoted $3K for the install. The money saved and the satisfaction of doing it myself was a big reward. For what its worth, I did try to remove the rear tires, but my air tools didn't have enough horsepower. There is a lot more room to work up front, good luck!
  3. Good luck on the install! We took a 300 mile trip over the weekend in a 25-30 mph quartering headwind. The difference in handling was amazing. The kit did not, however, improve the MPG...LoL
  4. It does appear to be a light switch, because it has the same paired mounting as all of the other lights. The left most switch controls all of the lights in the bathroom. The right switch doesn't do anything except make the bathroom lights flicker once when you turn it on. Thanks for all of the input, but I have decided not to worry about it.
  5. You can do it! I wish there was a way we could in real time if you had a question. Oh well... bob
  6. Steve, No, I did not take pictures. I was in a hurry to get ready for a trip this weekend. The photos that Source provides are really sufficient. The main issue that I came across was not understanding the instructions about plumbing the ping tank. You leave the source air supply to the leveling valve and connect the air dump and valve out to the bag to the ping tank. They provide a T which connects the T to the ping tank via a separate 1/4" air line. My coach has a leveling valve on each side. This kit only uses one valve, so I sourced any air line needed fro the spare valve. They
  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions. It is not the water pump switch or the vent fan switch. It is mounted side by side like all of the other light switches. Apparently, we haven't needed it, so I wont worry about it. Thanks again
  8. Steve, I guess I am Lucky. I ordered my kit on Tuesday April 8, and FedEx delivered it the following Sunday! I did install the kit myself using basic hand tools. It took about a day and a half. The instructions, while complete, are written for someone who does this type of work for a living, in my opinion. The front is the hardest, and I tackled it first. It is not necessary to remove any of the wheels, although you do get into some tight spaces. I am 64 years old and about 6' tall and 190 Lbs. Too much larger and I might have had some issues. Good jack stands are a must. For the mos
  9. I am hoping somebody in the community can help. I have two switches mounted side by side in the bathroom. One operates the lights overhead and over the vanity. The other, I have no idea. It is attached to something, because the lights flicker like a load is being activated; however, I can't find anything that changes when this switch is activated. The owner's manual does not have a full switch call out, so I am stumped. Any suggestions??
  10. Ron, I am not going to be any help to you on this, and I am sorry. My 2009 Cayman also needs this part, but I have not been able to locate it on the R/V. Will you tell me where yours is mounted? Thanks,
  11. Thanks guys! I look forward to hearing how it goes.
  12. Has anyone had this kit put on their 4 bag roadmaster chassis? I know my shock are shot, but I am wondering if the extra money for new bags and a ping tank are worth it. Also, I am considering a self install if I do buy the kit. Any thoughts?
  13. Thanks for all of the feed back. Should have stated that the barn also has heat.
  14. Thanks! I was not aware the bay heater was 12V only. I live in Oklahoma, and the climate requires only limited use of the bay heater in the winter. I just raised my barn door, so future storage will be in an insulated barn.
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