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  1. By delamination do you mean the fiberglass side sheets are puckering off the side walls or is the black paint getting small check marks in it?
  2. Ok my Executive is quite different. Anyone out there have a picture of the Executive or the Signiture?
  3. I'm not able to open these files either? I just need the fuse box diagrams showing identifying what each fuse is for.
  4. I'm a paint and restoration guy. The best is to have a camera from a paint shop take the analysis to correct for aging. Just did that with my 2001 with excellent results. It'd hard to tell in the shop lights but I will be able to blend this well.
  5. Can't believe Monaco tech doesn't have the fuse box drawings? Can no longer read the main 12 volt box at street side front or the rear engine low voltage label. Anyone have good copies to email? 01 Executive. However the high voltage label is identified with Dynasty so I imagine some are generic.
  6. Wish I could say the same. Pretty much took a coach nobody could sell and turned it into a modern coach nobody could afford to build and sell ! Thanks Monoco and especially Chrysler!
  7. Went to take off this Am and main slide would not respond. Have spent a couple hours tracking voltage. The reset fuse breakers in engine all have 13 volts crossing them. The day before the bedroom slide wouldn't retract and finally herd one of the of those reset breaker fuses was clicking. Replace it and that solved that problem. I don't have 12 volts at the switch for main slide?
  8. Happen Easter to all. Heading out this afternoon to Carthage, MO to snoop around the Colaw salvage yard on Monday.
  9. Looking forward to a self contained camp fire tonight 70 degrees and no wind...
  10. Day one and no catoshapheic fails. Of course I had to fight 45 MPH winds gusting after I bragged to the war department how great this unit was. She was still impressed after the winnebago Chieftain resto last year. Rewarded with some great food and late night entertainment.
  11. Got some classic vynil packed but no Willie. Have to pick some up along the way.
  12. Heading out tomorrow for our first official outing in the new to me rig... don't know why I'm nervous. Flew out and inspected it for 2 days and then drove the thing 750 miles home without a hitch. Been working on it long hours daily for the last month. Some of you know the fresh water loop was blown in the Aquahot. I had to replace the Manobloc distribution manifold for water as several valves were weeping. All the solar controllers needed attention as well. Fingers crossed on this madden voyage and I think I have fit every tool known to man in her!
  13. I had to take the grab bar apart and insert a led light strip from a local big box store. the original one only had one bulb working. It is not dimmable. It also appears very bight in the vid but actually at night its just right to see the steps.
  14. I here you. My dad was a whole sales electrotonic dealer, "middle man", back in the day when that actually put food on the table. As a result I accumulated some now very serious vintage equipment that never gets used. I've cleaned the whole thing up and the turn table has its own platform now that will be stored during driving and all wires behind the dash counsel now.
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