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  1. Isn’t Billy Gates the largest farm owner in the US now?
  2. There’s so much going on that fuel everything. Inflation? It’s happening. Will it be like the 70’s then a huge recession like the early 80’s? Who knows. I will say this, I’m not the brightest light, by a long shot. But every time us “little” guys get in the game, stocks, housing, whatever, we are already behind. We are chasing markets. The people with REAL money, already have an exit strategy. They will get out leaving many with a loss. When the devastation is over, and prices are low, those with money start it all over again. So when I hear “something” is going to happen, with the economy, I think someone is trying to sell the masses on their exit strategy. We need a down market to get loss so it can be bottomed and ran up again for more money to those smart enough to drive the market and not chase it.
  3. Everything Zmotosports (Mike) touches is incredible. The guy is a genius
  4. Sweet! They sent the wrong part out for mine as well. I bought the sensor from Ford, but Veurinks sent the wrong pigtail. They sent right one and took other one back no issues. Mine was only 1 wire pigtail in coach and new sensor was 2 wire. Simple crimp and she works great
  5. I would love to have a pre-soak. The hard part is water quality is heavily regulated (that’s a good thing), so carwashes reclaim their water and recycle it, and with filters reuse. The harsher chemicals are kept contained somewhat. Foam cannons are all the rage for detailers, here’s a link to a product for shampooing mud off and a foam cannon to apply https://www.chemicalguys.com/tough-mudder-off-road-truck-and-atv-heavy-duty-wash-shampoo/tough-mudder-offroad-wash.html
  6. I assume tie the two wires from the coach together (jumped) to make sure nothing is wrong from the sensor back? That way you can isolate a bad sensor
  7. I picked up some of these to rebuild my side panel with. They come in different gang sizes based on what you have/need. They will fit just perfect for my Dip Limited-time deal: Nilight - 90110E 5 Gang Aluminum Rocker Switch Panel Toggle Dash 5 Pin ON/Off Pre-Wired Rocker Switch Red Backlit Switch for Automotive Car Marine Boat RV,2 Years Warranty https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BC7YBPF/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_JB2X8TED5Q9J7FF085M0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Is there just 1 light for “low coolant” or another light for “temperature “ I’m more curious as OP just said “warning” light
  9. Exactly. Practice prying them open. Bake and peel. Thankfully my Dip has Ford Econoline Housings and the whole van life craze has people wanting good lighting. These are in our future. https://www.vantageoptics.com/shop/Ford-Econoline-Complete-Headlight-Kits-c25728076
  10. Justin Where did you get the led dimmable lights and knobs.

    1. JDCrow


      What pic are you looking at? 

    2. stillrunning_60@hotmail.com


       The round black lights under the cabinets and the new cabinet knobs

    3. JDCrow


      Ok. The cabinet knobs are Home Depot. Most stores stock them 100 at a time.

      The lights were EBay. Here are pics for each. Should help in searching for them



  11. Trust me, I know. My Wife takes time to come around. We are a good 2-3 years with the Dip, from there who knows where life takes us. I’m a pre-Def/Dpf believer. So really 08 or older. I’m also a big block believer (Don’t hate me 5.9ers) Country Coach is high on my list. But like OP said, prices are CRAZY now.
  12. Debugging, wife has forbid me from taking another used coach that needs work down the road. It’s new, or someone else does the work she says. Awesome on the boat life. Some true freedom to be had.
  13. LOL I’m trying to wrap my brain around 4-6 hours travel a day. Last trip in the truck- 18 straight home to Havasu for vacation. Wife still doesn’t know how I did it.
  14. Just need an oven and a butter knife LOL
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