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  1. Rear AC gasket done. New covers both AC. Front AC gasket will have to wait till I have more time. Off to the shop for Suspension mods after I get the hoses buttoned on the new surge tank. sensor for it came in today.
  2. After advice about the absorb refer, I started down the rabbit hole of a Residential fridge. We love ours in our 5vr, however the task of getting one in the door of the Dip looked crazy. Found JC Refrigeration. They make kits to update Norcold/Dometic. I figured it upgrade to a straight 12V package for our current Norcold 1200, but opened up the back of my fridge, and PO had a JC update done to this fridge. While it’s still LP/AC, I will sleep better knowing that it’s a solidly built system. I will still be upgrading to the 12V package, the lower power consumption is alone is w
  3. Started in on the rear AC as the sun was out. After looking at it 100 different ways, I tried to shim up the “lowest” of the low spot. There doesn’t appear to be any framing around the AC in the rear that spans to the sides. The back square tube stops. Does not look like much of any water has gotten in over the years. Old gasket is a PITA for sure On a high note, just got to work and I’m knee deep in steer axle rubber and keeping between the lines will be easier
  4. I miss the days of first come first serve. Almost All our National Forest camps here in Oregon went to concessionaire a few years back. Like I mentioned, we gave up trying to reserve.
  5. Looks great! Did it have an extra layer of subfloor under the tile? Man ours was a bear to get out. That tile is literally cemented to the floating subfloor LOL
  6. TRW box and pitman arm are in the mail. Well UPS. I am going to sub out next week the Monaco Watts, cross bars, shocks, and TRW to a shop that has done some work for me in the past. I need to jump on irrigation and getting our property rolling for work. I’ll get some pics of those items, and current ones I’m doing after work.
  7. Is that the newsletter you spoke of earlier?
  8. Thanks for heads up! We have used national forest campgrounds for years as that’s what we grew up with. Few years ago, we just started getting a site in a private RV park near where we like to play and keeping it May-Oct. We still travel, and looking for was to stay “off grid” more, and keep the site. Great advise! It’s been quoted, over a million rvs sold last year, only 150k sites built. Buckle up for next few years. I have a site that charges a few to constantly click on state/national campgrounds to get you a site in your days. You pay a monthly fee based o
  9. LOL, no skill set at all, so no offense. I’m a learn as you go type. My Grandfather grew up poor, as did we. It was instilled in me very early to take care of, and fix my own stuff. He taught me how to take stuff apart, analyze issues and repair what I could. He would tell me stuff started out in pieces, and was put together by someone before, so it can be done again. He was amazing, I wish I had his electrical knowledge though. He was a tube man. He built his own Ham Radios and we’d spend evenings talking all over the world. My biggest problem is time. I’m not afraid
  10. Thanks for your insight. Sorry yours was a PITA I have a Geico slide, so easy a caveman invented it. No cables, just 2 small rollers and a single center motor with a gear/track setup. The crown moulding comes in/out with the slide. This is probably a cheaper setup for sure.
  11. Another package in the mail: The bedroom slide luan has delaminated , and one of the rollers has cracked it. These are the 12” plate fixes. Nice stuff
  12. Let’s hope they do a better job at cam management than the Cam phasers in my 5.4 Ford V-8 LOL a semi-infinite cam. Amazing.
  13. Here is what I have in the power bay: the TS-50 transfer switch, looked for an Esco, they are back ordered. I read about the hum from other switches, I don’t hear it on the GO Power, or I’m deaf. The Power Watch Dog is Up Stream, or ahead of the transfer Switch, even though it looks after as it’s toward the front. The wires that ran into the old Iota were only so long. You can see my temp wiring for shore power, like I mentioned, the cover was broke. The wires going into the Watch dog to me look unfinished coming out of the Carflex conduits. any suggestions?
  14. Sorry didn’t mean for it to be confusing I didn’t post a pic of the finished product as it’s not finished, I had to temp wire the plug as it’s cracked on the outside lid, and a new one on the way. I need some ideas on how to run the wire from conduit. To me it looks a bit unfinished. Aside from putting the EMS in a box, I’m at a loss. Iota came out. Reading here told me it was a fire hazaard Surge guard went back as it arrived broken. The progressive (Go Power) was installed. I put the EMS before the transfer switch, to take care of shore power. GFI recepta
  15. Upgraded transfer switch and added EMS. My GFI still persists though
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