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  1. The axles are attached to the “H” frame (it’s the shape) At each corner of the the “H” is an air bag and a shock, and these are attached to the main rail frame. (In a raised rail, or other structure in a mono coach) This is why there is lots of play/sway in the system it seems. The H frames are up to 6’ in length with a squishy air bag packing all the body with its inertia rolling around.
  2. Late night mess, but was able to wake up to some awesome tunes
  3. Talin plates on and topper done. Long night ahead to wrap up some electrical to head to coast tomorrow. A little aluminum flying around.
  4. Started on the Talin plates while wife cleansed inside. First side was learning curve, second side is better for my cutting ability. I drilled the holes. Quick bite and will caulk and rivet.
  5. I’ve read through this before to help. I’m no expert https://www.irv2.com/forums/f24/which-roadmaster-chassis-do-i-have-129117.html
  6. Gearing up for adding a new slide out topper. One of my leaks was from the old one ponding water in the middle, either from rain or from the AC unit. So off with the old wonky topper. Had to drill out 2 of the self tappers in the side upright brackets. What a pain! Riveted up the holes and new brackets up.
  7. Got the bay doors and fender skirt back from paint, currently installing
  8. Yep, exactly. Unfortunately the Gen wire in and power out are only so long, so you can see they cross cause I wanted the EMS
  9. Sorry, I think Bull Dog , it’s a “Watch” dog. Here’s the link from a Hughes https://hughesautoformers.com/power-watchdog-smart-surge-protectors/ Here’s a look inside the transfer switch also. This was a temp hook up to make sure things worked. I’ve modified it since to be permeant
  10. Just got rid of my IOTA and put in the progressive knock off, Go Power. They are the same. Added a EMS Bulldog. Was very Straight forward. Wires in, match the colors wires out. I believe there is a schematic on the back of new cover. They are wired different than the iota
  11. Our town is 100k people and we are nowhere close to getting 5G. We currently live 1500 feet from the city limits, and not served by local cable broadband. I should copy the email from century link, it read “we are so happy to be able to provide you with 1 mb of high speed for $99 a month. Not 1Gb, 1mb. I’m not saying Starlink is the answers to my prayers, but there isn’t a lot of incentive in my mind for cell to build out in rural. The ability to have consistent internet no matter where the RV stops would be cool After all, the program I’m on it “Beta than nothing” and it’s true, we
  12. I just bought a new Victron Multiplus 2 and it will charge the chassis batteries, it has a direct wire feature. I haven’t had time to wrap my head around the solenoid or the Bird for that matter. Not sure if they just need to go. Also, a dc/dc charger to have the alternator charge the lithium while going down the road? Someone mentioned that earlier, and victron had a way to do it, but again, in a holding pattern at the moment
  13. Not bad. Just did with help. I believe the poppets were pretty much preset, the paperwork that came from Weller I think said they were anyway. I had to get a Torque multiplier. The one nut was I think 500 ft lbs. Amazon had one for $140 so picked it up. Messy, drained the oil as best we could before tackling the box. I can’t remember If we downloaded instructions or they come from Weller, but they were taken straight from a thread
  14. Built a new shelf for under kitchen sink. Reinstalling after diner
  15. I shut it all down. Computers, phones, Apple TV’s, it’s all turned off. The internet knows I’m on bed, but not what’s going on. LOL Out of curiosity, without prying, what has to stay connected 24hr to the net? Triggers for stock trades on the Foreign markets?
  16. I’m no solar wiz, can’t you just unplug it when not in use? 95 Amps was stated In a 22 hr straight pull? Again, solar is a new, to me, still learning. How does is work when calculating for size of system?
  17. Yeah the draw on the batteries. You’ll need to unplug it for sure when not in use. Yes you can ask to move it. It’s been really vague as to what exactly happens. I Haven’t seen any instructions or how too. You just tell Starlink you are moving.
  18. So, I’m not sure, but my AC belt is different than the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt will fit over the fan, the compressor belt will not. It’s like an old s school V-belt, about 18-20” in diameter. I believe I have to get the fan off. Here’s a pic, wish my engine was this easy to get to and clean. Oh the side Rads, why did they go away? Let me know if I’m off base. I’m late and work and not following along very well thanks!
  19. AC pump is froze. Anyone drop rear rads/coolers to access? Sorry don’t have side Rads, so if you do, you are blessed thanks for any pointers.
  20. Awesome wife helped me get the panels off this morn. Off to the body shop this afternoon
  21. Hit the scales in the way back from DMV. Front: 8450 Rear: 18450 Was towing a 6/10 trailer and full Diesel, full fresh, and about 1/4 on Grey and Black. I was able to drop the fronts down to 95 PSI based on tire chart. My question, how “close” the the weight/PSI should I get? A few hundred pounds over, or quite a bit more?
  22. Quick clean up and a 3 hr drive to hit a DMV with an open slot. Need to get the title switched over. Have several trailers that need titles as well, so I’m taking 1 and wife following with another. She cleaned up well. Getting there for sure.
  23. From Recpro. They specialize in RV remodels https://www.recpro.com/rv-dinette-led-light-brushed-nickel-12v/
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