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  1. Similar, but it’s missing the door open button and the other buttons on the bottom
  2. Just took mine out. I can take those parts off and send to you.
  3. That’s the unit in my 5vr, easy to wire and as well. It has a great rep on 5ver sites as well. You can’t go wrong with it. I just wanted the blue tooth side of the Hughes as I love the VictronConnect in my 5ver and will be adding it to coach. So it’s just a techie thing. If you are not into the Bluetooth, I’d go with the progressive
  4. You can do it, I’ve did both. Just need room to access
  5. I have the progressive in my 5vr, hardwired with the readout inside. It’s trustworthy. Just put Hughes Watchdog in my coach. It works fine as well. It’s also hardwired and has Bluetooth so you can see the info on your phone. Ones made in Mexico, the other in China
  6. I’ll look into them. Was leaning towards Webatso
  7. I do, but the portable hot plates work awesome
  8. All about the space. To get rid of the propane tank would free up a huge bay for me
  9. Been thinking Diesel heater down the road
  10. Yeah with the Shorty you loose a bay or two that is needed to add that weight. I only have 1 pass through. The rest of the bays have coach operation stuff in them.
  11. Well I can say, on the passenger side is the fridge, toilet, dresser, washer/dryer combo, all the batteries and inverter, propane tank, furnace, and I think the grey and black tanks are weighted to that side. I’d guarantee that it it heavier than the drivers side
  12. I will corner weigh next time instead of axle weigh.
  13. Likewise I used to drive class 8 trucks (Dump, Belly, End, Chip) and had drop axles. So we could add/subtract air to move the weight around. If I felt steering (light) I’d lower the PSI in the drop axle. Coupled with my pickup thoughts, I didn’t know if either lowering the front PSI or raising the back PSI would shift more weight front to give me the feeling I’m after. I will day say now thinking about it, the rear is squatting more with the weight. Now I’m wondering if this is right height is not correct for the weight in the rear? Thanks again
  14. OK, I thought I read where Mike (seller) has them on the font of his coach, but I digress I don’t know his Gen set up. I have them on the rear. Love them. The rear of the coach feels solid. I have zero complaints with the rear.
  15. Thanks everyone. I have front watts installed, and it drives much nicer. Thinking of adding the cross bars to front as well. I just think it needs more weight on the front to be more “hunkered” or glued, but there is no way to add weight. (I’m at 8500 lbs) I can say passing trucks are not felt. It’s a very nice feeling to not be pushed over. I also think there is play in my new TRW box. Based on what ones say here there should be zero. Little more work. Thanks again
  16. So just throwing this out to get my brains warmed up and working. On my truck and 5vr combo, I have a set of bags on the rear of the rear of the truck to level it up when hooked to the trailer. Now I cannot exceed 30 psi in the bags or it takes off to much weight and the truck gets squirley. Now on my Dip. I feel like the back axle is just dialed weight wise with all the gear loaded in. It has settled in and the weight is being carried great. The front however makes me feel like there is to much air in the bags. It’s not as glued to the road IMO. I cannot add weight to the front. So my question, are the bags designed to have say X amount of PSI in them based on axle weight? Or are they simply ride height or for comfort? I feel like I should be taking air out of the front bags, but I don’t have enough knowledge to understand it. As a side point, what’s the incl/decl switch on the dash?
  17. How many had to remove a window? Front or side? Cost? Anyone go through a door? We got our WD combo through the front door at 25” for the unit
  18. Just a thought, as I haven’t looked into it. Can you access and pull new wires if you took the front tv out? The cabinets are also pretty easy to take apart with an small impact driver. New clearance lights are on my list as well.
  19. Amazon, they are Lippert
  20. We own a Kennel, and yes it does not get better. We stay over night during thunderstorms and on 4th of July
  21. Just did this, great suggestion, and a potential lifesaver. No more GFIC problems. Here’s pic of testing before I buttoned it all down for good. Working great, from the help found here.
  22. I’m having a local plastic shop make a new top panel as anything old is getting pretty brittle. Here is where you can start though https://usedrvparts.visonerv.com/cgi-bin/f/usedrvpartsrepairandaccessories.pl?
  23. I would take a look at AZ RV Experts on YouTube. James does amazing work and you can see his work to get an idea on how a pro seals up stuff. You will be amazed. Take a few mins and watch him Re-laminate a painted Winnebago Coach. And watch him rebuild a brand new totaled Allegro Red. Really awesome to watch. He also does lots of re-roofs with belt sealing
  24. Uggg yes Facebook. Have it for our biz, but never log in personally. Same with Instagram Would love to see pics. Going to Cobble my dash for awhile. Professional work is inspirational
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