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  1. I have found that if you use the heavy duty Teflon tape it seals much better on plastic an brass fittings. It is gray in color.
  2. It is air and I just learned. That! Thank you thank you the cover works l. This forum is awesome.
  3. I was cleaning passenger side panel an touched step cover switch. It came part way out an stopped. Now it will not do anything. I checked fuse in front running box an it was good. Not sure what category to be in for this problem but I need help as we are leaving our location. Thanks!
  4. My entrance door step will not retract all the way in. They are staying out about 8 ". They are the model 42 series by Kwikee an this is the first time it has happened. I have had Kwikee steps on my previous motorhomes that I worked on but they would be stuck out or in. Never experienced a step that didn't close all the way. Getting ready to go to another location in 2 days and would appreciate your help. Thanks.
  5. Does your keypad have a lock button? Mine does and I contacted Trimark and was told it wasn't one of theirs. They recommended I contact Essex because the one I have is obsolete. How many wires are on your keypad mine has 5 and is attached to a 4 wire connector. Thanks
  6. Visoner RV is a salvage yard that might have one. I need to replace my keypad also and have found a replacement at A 1 electric .com. They are a distributor for Essex who makes the key pad. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  7. I appreciate all your help and looking further in my wiring diagram book that 4 batterys can be removed at a time. I will disconnect the power to all batterys first then remove negative cable an tape the end and also the positive cable an turn the power back on. I hope my thinking is right as electric is my weakest skill. Thanks again
  8. I have 8 house batterys that are in separate trays and I need to remove them to refurbish the trays and reinstall. We are living in the motorhome and need the 12volt available. Can 4 batterys be done at a time and still maintain the 12volts needed? We are connected to 50amp service where we are staying. Thanks
  9. Finally quit raining long enough to work on aqua hot. I shut off the 110v switch in the kitchen , the diesel switch was off and I I turned off the breaker at the main panel. Opened faucets and eventually the hot water was gone. I turned the breaker on did the reset button and pushed diesel button inside. It started and ran for like 30 mins and shut off. Checked for hot water all is good. I am going to have it serviced by a certified tech. Thanks for all the help. Now on to the next the front ac problem.
  10. Yes I did and I also pushed the reset button. Nothing lit up on the panel outside but when I went inside I noticed the aqua diesel button was lit. Shouldn't there be some lights on in the panel outside? Thanks
  11. It hasn't stopped raining since I posted. Will try reset first and see what happens. Thanks. Richard S 2006 Monaco Signature 41
  12. My aqua hot will not work. It doesn't light up on My panel in the kitchen when I push the aqua hot diesel switch. I am able to turn on the aqua hot 110v switch an get hot water but every few days it shuts itselve off.iam able to turn it back on. I have been waiting for a mobile rv mechanic for 3 weeks. I am new to this coach and I follow this forum daily and have learned a lot but the aqua hot is all new to me. All pointers would be helpful. Thanks. RS Makes more 2006 signature 41
  13. Richard S. rsilcox92@yahoo.com. Thank you
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