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  1. I have a 09 Monaco Knight and all my paper work show ours to be a road master frame. Jim
  2. Do you have rear slides and do they work? Several years ago I had the same problem and I called Monaco (back when you could get help on older models) There is a 5 amp fuse in my battery bay that had blown. The signal from my control for the slides goes through this fuse. I had a 09 Knight DFT so maybe that could be your problem. Jim
  3. There is supposed to be a manual way to put the slides in, however I have never had to do it so I don't know this method. Maybe so one will chime in that has put them in manually. Hope you are able to make your appointments. Travel safe. Jim M
  4. Great idea astgerma. I may do that to mine. Jim
  5. Good to know. Typically how long will the house batteries last while running the AC. jim
  6. Will the inverter power an Ac? I thought it required either shore power or the granny. I’m pretty sure that is the requirement on my coach however I do not have a residential frig.
  7. I cut the right hand flange on my 09 Knight. After doing the work on the back side, I put a screw under the back panel to hold it level then screwed the flange back in place (just for looks). It works just fine.
  8. Hope what I’m gonna say is ok on this forum—here goes anyway. Join FMCA or Good Sams, then join a local chapter. You will meet some of the finest people you could hopefully meet plus they are friendly. Usually the have a 3-4 day trip each month (weather permit) and it’s usually rather close and it’s just plain fun. My wife and I don’t get to travel all that much but these short trips are a blast. Be safe, Be Blessed and most any trip is worth taking. Jim
  9. I have a 09 Knight and ended up cutting the flange of the white panel on the south end. Couldn’t get to the stuff in the back of the panel until I could put it toward me. good luck. Jim M
  10. Are u talking about the house or chassis batteries? i think the dash runs off the chassis batteries so you may need to check them. Jim m
  11. OOPS Should have been a Cummins engine in a Monaco coach
  12. Does this document give any hints or suggestions regarding tuner use in a Monaco engine? Do any of you use a tuner to increase horsepower or mileage on your rigs? I've heard pros and cons regarding the use of tuners.. Any ideas? Jim M
  13. I think I have purchased RV gutter at Camping World. It is usually available in only black or white.
  14. I think your best bet would be NorthWest RV Supply 1-866-678-7467.. I was told that they purchased all the Monaco parts from Oregon when REV purchased Monaco. I have been successful in finding part for my o9 Knight. Good luck. Jim M
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