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  1. cbr046

    Tire Valve Stems

    I've been battling this also . . . . PO had installed TireMinder TPMS. On the fronts the sensors push the cores into the stems. When removing the sensors to add air (or double check with a gauge) the stems gush out air. New cores don't help, but I can back out the core and screw it back in and it will seal. Set the air, re-install the sensor and repeat next time I need to second guess the TPMS sensor. I'm afraid to check the back wheels because the outer wheel sensor is pointed into the middle of the tire. The only way to access is to crawl under and blindly stick an arm betwee
  2. OK, my bad. I just looked at some old photos of the Coleman Mach III from the roof of our 02 Fleetwood. R-22 on the plate and compressor. It was built 46th week of 2001. Sorry to waste a lot of bandwidth! - bob
  3. Right, but R-22 is like a 90's refrigerant, right? All my 2000+ vehicles are R-134. Maybe I'm missing something? - b
  4. I would say yes - can be fixed. Ours wasn't working so good so an HVAC friend installed a tap and recharged the freon. If it's a slow leak no problem. If it's a monthly recharge a good tech can locate the leak and repair . . . . or replace at a much higher cost. Best, - bob
  5. On my 03 HR Endeavor that would be the water pump switch, but there's an indicator light next it. The lights might fluctuate with activation of the pump but you'd also hear the pump. Different platform, different year, just what's on mine. - bob
  6. Keep in mind WD-40 is NOT A LUBRICANT. Never was, never will be. If anything I'd try some silicone spray as it won't attract dirt like oil will. Best, - bob (NOT a petroleum engineer)
  7. 30% 5-star and 20% 1-star . . . . given the ratings I wouldn't get my hopes up. - bob
  8. Ours leaked at the regulator just rear of the air tank. I could hear it leaking after I crawled under. I could run my fingers near the air leak and hear a change in sound. But yeah . . . . make sure you have good jacks under it. Good luck, - bob
  9. BTW, I found I could look into the high beam (lights off) and see the LED magnified by the lens. By centering my vision on the LED I can determine pitch. On top of the assembly there's a sight glass with a bubble but it's very hard to see. The adjusters are a 4 mm male hex sticking up vertically from the back of the units. One for U/D the other for L/R. - bob
  10. The "wing style" antenna has 12v running through the coax that's turned on with the amplifier switch. There's an amplifier in the antenna. Whether this is directly compatible with the Winegard Air 360+ I don't know. The yellow wire might be for an "antenna raised" sensor? Does it go to the small module on the antenna shaft? - bob
  11. Previous owner replaced ours (2003 HR Endeavor) with units for 2000-2002 Lincoln LS made by TYC through Amazon. They're close but not a direct fit and get a GREAT view up to 50 ft. The TYC's are no longer available but maybe another Taiwan replacement. I just got done shimming the mountings which might get me in range for the adjusters. Not sure when I'll get to try them at night. You want a 2" drop at 25 ft. I've heard late 90's BMW 3 series are the ticket. Another option is a headlight restoration kit. Just be sure to apply a UV sealant to prevent re-yellowing. Because t
  12. I can't comment on your situation but you can pick up owners manuals at https://www.monacocoach.com/rv-owners-manuals And there's a Download tab at the top that has a wealth of information. Wiring diagrams that will make your head explode, Monaco Tech Tips, and so on. Good luck, - bob
  13. I'm in trouble. Now I'll never get anything done. 448 pages. WOW! Thank you, - bob
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