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  1. Yes, I went to the 3000. nope did not need to change wires. I had big enough wire in place, according to magnum techs. Terry T Oops, yes, I did upgrade the inline 350 amp fuse to 400
  2. I changed my magnum msw to the new magnum hy bred. Easy peasy. Did have to update the AGS to AGS Network.....then added the BMK. Love it Terry T
  3. Bet some tech figured a song to remember those settings. Remember the color code song? Terry T
  4. Hey all, looked at the link. Question, in the legal disclaimer on the bottom, it says its a used item? terry T
  5. Hello Gary, new to forum, is that little belt what moves my step cover? Wow, if so thanks for the pics. Hope I don’t have to work on it soon though. Terry T
  6. Terry T chapter48@sbcglobal.net getting ready this weekend to do this, thank you
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