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  1. I took my alternator into a auto electric shop, didn’t tell them what is was off, and asked for a recondition. They asked me if I wanted a refurbished one to take home there and then and Is said no. I joined the repair queue and It took them 2 days. They charged me $250 and it came back looking like a new one.
  2. Could even be brake. Slack adjuster could have locked up. It may just need greasing. In fact all the slack adjusters are probably in need of attention. If you are handy, get a grease gun with the correct grease in it and do some "grease monkeying". Once this is done you can move onto other potential issues.
  3. I’d sure like a trip to Florida but you know the problem right now.
  4. I have a 2005 Diplomat. We had the same symptom, the belt came off due to debris and dirty pulleys. I think? I cleaned up the components with WD40, I don’t recall there being a tensioner? Strange! It’s been working for 2 years now. Heres the problem. You need to remove the entire back cover to expose the mechanics. I could not get the belt back on from any other angle because it’s too restricted. In my rig there is a the “closet” above the Washer. Remove the floor and it gives you limited access to the back of the machine. Did I say limited? I pulled the unit forward from the front on a piece of plywood that I managed to slip under the washer. It’s as heavy as hell, and this is like a job from “you know where”, I managed to tilt the unit forward and get my hands in behind the unit from the closet above and the front on the right side. The left hand side is against the wall so that’s off limits! Be careful when you tilt the unit forward, because if it falls out your in serious trouble. I had my wife making sure it did not tip forward, I also tied a rope around the unit to secure it. I managed to remove the back plate and deal with the belt. This is a job that will test you vocabulary. I may be able to answer questions but there is no way in hell I coming to help because I in Canada. Lastly, the repair guy that I spoke with said they would use a mechanical lift to get the unit out. With regard to this unit I found the agents to be totally wonderful. They will drive your repair over the phone, running test as you go and they will ship you the parts. Very good service *****
  5. This is the unit I purchased second hand. It was very simple to install. The instructions I believe are on the Roadmaster site. My rig had a spare take-off on the brake line and fitting into my Ford Escape was easy. It’s works great has a light on the coach dash! Here is a link. www.roadmasterinc.com/products/braking/brakemaster/brake_m.html
  6. I doubt you can use this for the air brake in the tow because you need air that’s coming from the brake peddle. I am not familiar with the brake you mentioned, my Roadmaster dingy air brake works with the coach brake. You could use this for tire pressure depending on the tire pressure required, my tires require about 115lbs and the air in the dry tank has to be at full charged to give me that pressure.
  7. Looking for a base plate for a 2012 Ford Escape. Canada resident.
  8. Can anybody advise me about the 2006 Jeep Liberty diesel as a tow?
  9. Did the engine start up? Lots of things going on until it starts. Air pressure, jack, slide warnings. Multiple issues until the engine actually starts.
  10. I totally agree. Just shut the motor down, bring in the slides and restart the engine!!! What’s complicated about this, it’s a heck of a lot less work than trying bypass safety systems and running the risk of take the park trees home with you. Nuff said.
  11. Have a Diplomat. Sorry to be so obvious but Sounds like the LP is empty or shut off. Switch it off, wait a few minutes, switch it on, listen for the igniter to fire. If it doesn’t fire, would normally fire on first strike, but usually tries 3 times and then goes into failure mode and switches off until the problem is solved. If it’s not an empty LP tank, (try hooking up a regular BBQ tank) it’s sounds like a failed sail switch. That’s easy to replace there’s a YouTube on replacing it.
  12. After how many clicks did this happen?
  13. Well I liked the mouse milk comment, but what about high temp greases? http://www.omscllc.com/high-temperature-greases/ My manual says that the PAC brake is pretty much indestructible and doesn’t really need much attention. I’ve done 45k miles and never touched it.
  14. The problem looks like it is the shop wiring. If it was wired by an certified electrician then, it’s a mystery. Clearly the wiring in that outlet is suspect, so it’s self inflicted pain!
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