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  1. No it was hooked up to a Sony screen in the dash which was also the back up camera.
  2. Thanks for info. Our transfer switch is working so we are still looking for problem.
  3. Just an update to our problem. Still researching, but we have found that the TVSS Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor connected to the transfer switch box does not have the light on. So we are looking at replacing that. There is also another box attached to the Transfer Switch box would this be part of the Aladdin system? It looks like it has 2 round glass fuses in it. Not sure what type fuse these are. Thank you for all your comments. Will keep you updated.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. Our home base is Crystal River, Florida since 2018 and originally from PA. We are waiting on Tech Service to come back and recheck system since we had it checked at Cummins. We will keep you posted on what they find this time. We do have a large surge protector on our 50amp main line, but believe the strike came in thru internet line at post. We and a lot of other people lost routers, some also lost TV's/Computers. Does anyone know of a surge protector for internet lines?
  5. Hello, We are new members and our looking for any help we can get in figuring out our problem. There was a lightening strike in our RV Resort about 7-8 lots down from us about 3 in the morning. Woke us up with a bang and the Aladdin turn on. The Coach key was off and Aladdin was turned off since we got back. Everything was working fine day before. Turned Aladdin off, everything in Coach seemed to be okay. Got up next morning and went to start Coach - warning light came on - started running rough and there was no info on Aladdin for Engine/Trans - all info was gone (mileage/hours/fue
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