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    Gilbert, AZ

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    Retired & traveling when possible with my wife, cat. & two dogs. Dry camp as much as possible. Toad is a 2016 Jeep Rubicon prepped for Arizona/Utah 4-wheeling.

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  1. Understand what you are saying, but thats only 1/2 the story. We have had then pull right next to us when the lot is mostly empty an they could park an acre away when it's 65⁰ . Or even whe when theres a truck stop a mile down the street. I don't give a dam what they are doing or what there job is, there's no excuse for being selfish & rude.
  2. We have the same problem with truck drivers who run there engines all night.
  3. Since we live in Arizona and have to travel for you to do the work. What flooring do you use?
  4. Ernie I have seen many floors in used rv's were they have used the engineered flooring. After a while I see gaps in the flooring because the coach flexing. How do you prevent that problem?
  5. Thank you, we want to plan a trip to Texas anyway. Will check them out.
  6. Thanks Called them. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Bob Your dealing with a small place. Walmart they cost $50 to $100. 1 in the bedroom & 1 in the living room. You got it covered. If you have a $1000 and it makes you feel better. 😉
  8. I tried it from your post on Feb 19th. Wil try it from the main site & on our computer tomorrow.
  9. Just tried downloading both files. Neither one works. Says download failed. What am i doing wrong? Monaco Technical Tips 1.0.0 or the update file. Thanks
  10. Yes, dust happens. You can get a couple of air filters from Walmart or your local hardware store. They do help. My sinuses tell me they help. If you think it's bad were your at you should try Arizona sometime. Lol
  11. We live in Gilbert, basically the greater Phoenix aera.
  12. Looking for recommendations for a shop that can do painting and or flooring? In Arizona.
  13. Here's what I just learned. My brother just explained this to me. It’s for an ISC or a ISL engine.. you have a B- 5.9 liter engine. Also a whole different fuel system. Won’t work for your set up. The pump that JD posted won't work for my engine.
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