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  1. I changed coolant to Final Charge. You can buy at any Walmart.
  2. This is a complicated topic. Most owners have gone to OAT coolants and away from SCA. I changed over in 2013. The easiest way to explain what to use is this video, a little long but watch the whole thing because it will inform you of importance of Diesel Coolant.
  3. What size strips for grey, black and fresh? I can’t wait to have accurate tank measurements. My Dynasty Tanks: Grey 60gals Black 40gals Fresh 100gals
  4. Thanks everyone. I’m going with SeeLevel. I see some have 2 monitors, one inside coach and one in bay. Need to know the levels or the alternative is bad news.
  5. Battery, fresh water, and grey sort of work. Others are not. Switches work. Thanks
  6. My tank monitoring panel is in bad shape and I’ve tried to find a replacement but no luck. Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix or replace? Thanks Bill
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