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  1. You can have mine if it will fit.
  2. Good morning America. I would like to thank everyone for their input and thoughts. I am constantly impressed with the knowledge base and experiences of the folks who are on this forum. I always like to keep things as original as possible. I can cut the straps as a last resort if I do not get the trolley apart. The set of wheels to the rear may be a problem to get reattached. There is a business here in town that sells nothing but hose material in every shape, size and material for commercial applications. I will drop by there today and see what I can find. I think the factory installed piece is a little short. When the slide is in I think the bend at the upper coupling was to severe. There is a ton of room for the pipe to travel into when the slide is closed. A little longer piece would be not problem with clearance issues. The only obstacle with that plan is all the other piping and electrical were zip tied to the drain line. I had to cut 27 zip ties just to get the other utilities away from the drain line. Thank you again everyone for your help. Have a great day.
  3. The large flexible drain pipe in my 2008 Dynasty has broken just behind the upper black ABS pipe. This is the connection to the ridge ABS pipe to accommodate the kitchen slide. I have read many post about how to repair the pipe. The crack in the pipe is right next to the threaded fitting so there is no way to cut out the bad section and use a barbed fitting and hose clamps. Replacing the pipe is not a problem. Getting it out is another issue. My question is how do you disconnect the trolley from the track? There are four plastic snap things that look like they would release the bolts from the wheels? There are 3 straps holding the pipe in place. I can not get to the screws holding those straps with the trolley in place on its track. The screws are in the top of the board as if the entire unit was assembled then put in place. Attached are a few pictures.
  4. On our 2008 Dynasty with the original Sharp TV is the big power user. Our refer draws 7 amps on the high side when active cooling. Add in just the TV and it jumps up to 28+/- amps. I 100% agree with the others about making sure your connection are all very clean and secure. LifeLine batteries has a great write up on equalizing your batteries including AGM batteries. Why they get sulfate and what to do ti try and recover your batteries.
  5. Thank you sir. Most were leaks that needed a good amount of very soapy water solution. Most of the leaks were from the fittings and pressure valves on the tanks. Not one bag was leaking. Like many others I put together a series of 2 x 10 boards to make ramps. Drove the large unit up on the ramps so when the air bags dropped from taking off the lines my butt would not get squished. The air tank water drain valves were leaking front and rear. Good luck, take your time and enjoy the beautiful underbelly of the these mechanical beast we drive around. They are complicated and simple at the same time. No wonder some guys name their coaches with the name of a woman.
  6. I have been systematically replacing the cheap slip fittings with DOT heavy duty truck compression threaded fittings. So far I have located 16 air leaks on the coach. I have final reached a point where the bags never drop. Air is still leaking from the tanks slowly somewhere. I know my air dryer leaks and that WABCO will be replaced with a much better unit made by Bendix. Air leaks are a almost never ending issue.
  7. A little update. I replaced the command board with a Flight Systems board. Great customer service from Flight Systems. Install was maybe 20 minutes. Ran the generator for 4 hours with all three A/C units cooling with fan on high, refer and Magnum charger running. Not a single hiccup or stall. I did not replace any fuel lines or other items. The command board was the problem. On a side note, when I removed the coolant recovery tank to install the board I discovered the coolant tank was cracked and leaking at the threaded inserts. There goes another $175 for a replacement tank.
  8. https://www.dieselpartsdirect.com/ds3972375 Website reads the item is in stock.
  9. I thought that was the blinker fluid container for the rear turn signals. I guess I was wrong.
  10. With out any signs of leakage, a fuel line would be low on my list of things to look at.
  11. Wow 10,500 on tag and 23,000 on the drive is right at legal limit for the combination of tandem axles. I am surprised it is that heavy. Are your front hubs/bearings oil bath or packed grease? Do you know what the MFG rating is for the front axle as well as the weight rating for the wheels? Did you buy new front wheels for the 315's?
  12. I never raise mine. I don't see any wear marks on the tires or in the street and I make a sharp turn to back into our street. I mean steering wheel cranked all the way over. It is a nice option to have but I am with you in not overloading the drive axle. I am going to weight my coach tomorrow fully loaded with fuel, water, LPG, food and all gear in the bays. Along with our enclosed trailer loaded with the toys. At 72 ft. long I hope the scale weigh pads are spaced out right to get may axles. How much weight is on your tag axle?
  13. Richard you got this. I would recommend taking pictures of everything before you disconnect anything. Watch You Tube videos and see what other have done. It is not that complicated and you will have this done in no time. Post up a picture or two of your project.
  14. Lord grant me patients, and I want it right now. Have a great day and good luck on the install.
  15. Further up in the post hilrunr, Mr. Mark Fell asked the question about the A/C. I copied and pasted his question. I was attempting to offer him a suggestion and maybe I should have told him to stay with the class and not muddy the waters with a question within a question. I appreciate your input and I will make every effort with my limited capacities to do better in the future.
  16. You can run on two 6 volt batteries hooked up in series to equal 12 volts. Being tied into shore power running through your charger/inverter will will maintain your batteries as long as you don't try to run the entire coach on them. If they are in two trays like mine I would do one tray at a time. There will possibly be a short period of time when there will be no 12 volt power as you disconnect the battery banks and get your cables squared away. I did mine this way when I replaced the 6 volt batteries and went with the big 12 volt AGM LifeLine batteries. I cut my connections in half, much cleaner install, no water/acid mess to deal with. We boondock camp 95% of the time and the batteries have performed outstanding.
  17. I have a 2007 HR Ambassador that needs added freon for the dash AC. Having watched some instructional you tubes (on a Winnebego RV) I assume the high and low pressure lines are mounted to the firewall. When I drop the front panel I see lots of stuff attached and a myriad of covered wires dissappearing into the firewall. I am unable to find a depiction of the firewall naming the various componenets attached to it. Any suggestions? I just added R134A to my Dynasty using AC Pro product from the AutoZone. My low and high pressure ports are in the engine compartment near the compressor. I have a side radiator so that may be why they are back there. Easy to see the engine. The process was very easy. The fitting will only fit the low pressure side. I need to get another can. Buy the one with the better gauge. Cost was about $45.
  18. Please post up results of fuel line replacement and control board install. I don't know who is more excited about getting it fixed, you or me??? If the board is the cure then I will order one asap. It was 113 degreeeeeeesss here yesterday.
  19. I was reading the instructions from Flight Systems. The instructions are very clear and to the point. Are you going to put in the board or have a shop do it? It will be interesting to see if the fuel line replacement makes any difference. Where are you headed? Hot weather forecast is an everyday occurrence here.
  20. I found 4 places on the interweb with the OEM part in stock for the same price or a little less than Cummins. I am leaning towards the Flight Systems as well.
  21. 705 hrs. I just put on the 4th fuel filter in the last 100 hrs. I have this down to about a 10 minute job. The fuel that drained from the filter yesterday was a little grey in color. After installing a new fuel filter it runs great for about 2 hrs.
  22. Interesting???? Did you get your fuel lines in? Bill I booked a online/phone conference with Flight Controllers to discuss our issues with the generators. Meeting is set for Tuesday 9/7/21. Maybe they will have some insight or thoughts on causes.
  23. Paul's plan would let me know if the problem is the fuel system or isolated to the generator. If I went with his idea, which has merit, and the generator still stumbles the same then I would look to issues with the generator.
  24. Frank that is great advice and a good plan. The only variable to throw a wrench in the works is the unpredictability of when the generator is going to stumble. I could go out and start the thing tonight and it may run 2 or 3 hours without a problem. Then stall once for 2 seconds and then run another hour without issue. Then stall 10 times in 5 minutes. I am not sure how much fuel should be returning to the tank. How fast do you think a glass jar would fill up?
  25. I have replaced the fuel pump.
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