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  1. Could the temperature excursion be tracking with outdoor temperature?
  2. Could that be the periodic defrost in the door divider going off?
  3. Isn't your display indicate you are on shore power? If so your inverter isn't going to supply the 120VAC.
  4. Battery thermister. Batteries are charged based on temperature and charge.
  5. On my 2004 Camelot it was low coolant. The coolant purge tank leaks a bit and needs to be replaced.
  6. You aren't referring to the one on the control board are you?
  7. The gas is on? Can you hear it try to ignite? There is water in the water tank, right? Does it work on 120VAC? If it tries but does not ignite, check to see if the ignition box is clean. If you can't hear it, are your batteries up or low? The water heater needs 12V to ignite. I ask this because the water heater does have an overtemp feature that will need to be reset if it over heated. If it will run on 120VAC then it is a gas related only issue but could be low 12V.
  8. If by accident a shorter fuse was used, you may not be able to get it out. If you are careful, you might be able to use a small enough wooden dowel with a drop of super glue to stick to the fuse and pull it out.
  9. I swapped mine out from the inside. You can buy the fan/motor if you are sure it is the motor. I bought the whole thing because the control unit was bad. Replaced from the inside.
  10. Click or whirling sound? If a click it might be bound up or the gear missing teeth. If whirling sound it is a gear, shear pin or track issue. BTW, some of the gears are no longer available new and you might have to look for used. I ran into that case with the 21 tooth Lippert gear. Found a shop that had an old one in a box in the shop.
  11. If you stick with the fantastic fan, you can pull the motor/fan and replace it with the new one in ten minutes. You can replace the vent cover pretty easily as well or wait til you need to.
  12. 04 Monaco Camelot 40PDQ. Anyone know how to get to the dash HVAC blower motor to replace it. I confirmed the resistor pack is good as the fuse in the resistor pack was blown, so I replaced it. It looks like 5 hours of labor and a $100 blower, unless I do it. Then it is 8 hours of labor plus $100 blower motor..
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