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  1. Does this slide have a wardrobe on it or a bed ? You can contact Lippert directly and order the part. If they wont sell it directly to you then call my Director Amy at Talin RV and she will order it and have it drop shipped to you. 352-942-2653. You can also ask to speak with my Tech, Dustin. He is one of the best slide guys in the country.
  2. Dave and I discussed ceramic coating on the phone the other day. Owners should know that the only true ceramic coating is the process Dave had done on his bus. Do not be fooled by bottles of ceramic coating you can buy and apply yourself. The typical lay person cannot buy true ceramic coatings, only a dealer can. Unless you are going to go through the process Dave had done on his coach then you are better off applying Mcquires Ultimate wax rather then the cheap ceramic coatings being sold on the internet. My son was able to get a hold of the true ceramic coating through a business contact
  3. Behind the door is storage. The black circles are air con/heat vents. This was not a Monaco coach. I forgot the brand but remember what a royal PITA that dash was. I would never do another one for love or money. It took precision corner cuts, a lot of heat and stretching to get the vinyl perfect. Most of the dealers send dash recovering's back to the factory. Very few upholsterers do these kind of dash jobs. I was a dummy for doing it to be honest. I told the dealership don't call me I will call you next time. 🙂
  4. I am just about ready to have my seats done. I have been doing upholstery since I was 18. I am having my techs remove the seats and then having my buddy do the seats for me. My specialty before switching to awnings was vinyl seating and I have a 2,000 sq ft full blown sewing shop with over 20 K worth of industrial machines. But our shop is so overloaded with orders that I couldn't get a machine or table from my staff to sew on if I wanted to. Everything is in use. Besides, at my age I am not wrestling these seats around. My buddy is a true master and has plied his trade on custom seating
  5. I had the same thing happen to me. When none of your slides work the very first thing you do is check the power to the switch inside the coach. This switch does nothing more then transfer power to your slide controller. The slide controller and relays is what actually powers the motors. If it is not getting a power signal from the switch then none of your slides will work. Monaco in their infinite wisdom used a very small wire to power the switch. Unfortunately they do break from time to time leaving all of your slides in operative. I had mine break and ended up picking up power for the s
  6. God Bless you Brent. I have done one floor and I can promise you I wont ever do it again. It is not a job for an older guy with a body that has been abused for many years. I had aches and pains for 2 days afterwards and ate pain killers like skittles. It drove home that old saying " If I knew I was going to live this long - I would have taken better care of myself ". It is a job better left for you " kids ". Wait till you get older Brent. Your knees and back will remind you of every floor you ever replaced when you were younger. Good job. The floors look great.
  7. Thankfully Lazy Days got an early jump on this so Dave has been able to start the planning process early. Dave, Fred & Bill used to do the Gathering together and since the passing of Fred & Bill he was left alone to do all the work. I have tried to step up and help him to take some of the workload off him as planning these things can be a real chore. Dave and I just reviewed the menu choices and the dinners will be fantastic. I will be doing a seminar or two myself and will help Dave bring in other experts to conduct seminars. We talked yesterday about the need for a few members that m
  8. I have been in the awning/fabric business for over 15 years and my best advice when considering replacing awning or slide topper fabric is to shop based on warranty. The shorter the warranty, the shorter the life of the thread and fabric. All fabric replacement companies base their warranties on how long the life expectancy is of their product. They have to otherwise they would go bankrupt handling warranty claims. Sadly many of the fabric replacement companies focus on profit versus quality and this shows up in their warranty terms. Some of the warranty terms are pro-rated too. I have se
  9. Joel, without seeing a picture of your current tank I do not know. There are many combinations of coolant surge tanks in Monaco coaches. Many think they all came with the standard plastic tank but that is not the case. A lot of the tank size and shape have to do with the model year, rear or side radiator configuration and of course engine. If you can send Amy a picture of your current tank then she can better assess if our tank will fit. E-Mail: amy@talinrv.com - Phone : 352-942-2653 I was just reading an article on how people are cancelling home building plans. The average added c
  10. Just wanted to update everyone on our Surge Tanks. Our inventory is now gone. We have no more Vector tanks left in stock and will not be building anymore for the foreseeable future. I have instructed my staff to revisit the tank/stainless prices again at the end of the year. If the stainless prices are still outrageous then the vector tanks will be dropped from our product manufacturing list. If the prices drop on stainless then we will resume production. On another note. We just purchased a new industrial property to expand our service center. I am in the process of building out the
  11. I would like to relate a story here that drives home what Scotty said. I knew a guy who had a stroke. He was an awesome individual and he wanted to get back into the online community as it was his only source of engagement with people. It also was great mental therapy being on a computer. The problem was when he joined a couple online RV communities he had members that brought up his lack of grammar and spelling. It was embarrassing to him. Sadly this gentleman was doing all he could to recover from his stroke which caused brain damage to his cognitive center. He ended his participation b
  12. Gary: Yes we have been manufacturing Stainless surge tanks. They are made of 16 ga 304 Stainless with extra large 316 stainless site glasses with 1000 degree temp fused glass. They are the only stainless surge tanks on the market and were designed for us by an aerospace engineer and manufactured using a CNC machine and then welded by a certified welder. They are by far the most robust tank ever made. We have 4 left and once they are gone we wont be making anymore. We just got word that stainless prices shot up and will probably be climbing every month throughout the summer. Like ever
  13. Over the years I have rarely heard of a tow bar that failed due to a factory defect. I cannot say the same of failing tow bars that were abused by the owners. Stressed by carrying heavy loads and of course the big no-no - Backing up with a car attached to a tow bar. My humble opinion is the owner may have inadvertently created a stress situation or at some point abused it without knowing. One other failure I have seen is the owner not paying attention when hooking up their car. They forget to insert a clevis into a pin or something else. I once towed my car from Florida to Indiana and for
  14. Thanks for stopping in Bill. Sorry I could not make it to the office to see you. It happened to be the week my staff banned me from coming in. We really appreciate your business and support.
  15. Rich: Contact my wife Ingrid 352-942-0224. Ask her to send you the instructions for the Omega 1. If you want a new spring we have them in stock. If you need new fabric Ingrid can give you a quote. I do not advise you to release the tension on the spring. You have a 50/50 chance of it breaking when you put winds back into it. It is old, rusted and these springs hate to go from a completely relaxed state back to full factory tension settings. The best way to lube a spring is to remove it and coat it with wheel bearing grease. Spraying lubricant will do very little to help it. Many time
  16. Richard, as always it was great to see you and to have the chance to have lunch together. You got to see me eat my first foot long hotdog made with gator meat. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and letting our team work on your coach. I am very proud of Dustin, and Mike as they are amazing Monaco tech's who are OCD and take time to do repairs the right way. The pride they take in their work and their very high standards on repairs is something our customers love. Amy is a rock star and really looks after our customers. I am grateful for the amazing team we have. Thanks again Richard. Great s
  17. Terry: I have climbed well over 2,000 Monaco roofs in my career and have seen it all. Depressions, rising spots, cracks, holes, you name it. The one thing many coach owners do not realize is the amount of torque and twisting our house frames go through over the years. Jacking, leveling, dropping a front or rear tire into a low spot on a driveway, uneven secondary roads, etc. The amount of flex applied to the bodies of our coaches is unreal. This is why we see so many popped belt lines in our shop. My suggestion is to leave your roof alone. If there are no cracks on the roof or the ro
  18. Richard, this is the exact reason why I left the Pac Brake factory default alone. If your Pac Brake is activated it means you are slowing down. If I am slowing down for whatever reason I want the traffic behind me to know. The last thing I need is to get run over by an 80,000 lb semi who is on my tail. 70 % of the time when I activate the pac brake I have not yet touched the brakes so there would be no warning to traffic behind me if the pac brake/light function is changed in the ecm. I have never had a pac brake freeze up on me probably because I use it a lot to slow down. In the city I alway
  19. Ed: Like Frank and I both said there are various ECM models for these engines. I believe the 330 has 3 or 4 ECM variants and none of them apply to RV"s. Transit Bus is one, OTR, Trash trucks and I forgot the other application. Monaco seemed to use all of the variants in their coaches. I do know that since your coach was made ( 2005 ) there have been 6 upgrades to the software. Those changes were very minor by the way. You would be surprised what can be changed in the ECM. Like Frank said many parameters can be changed. Even the brake light deployment can be changed in regards
  20. Ed: There has been a lot of mis-information over the years about boosting the ISC from 330 to 350. First of all it is not a a re-chip process. The entire change from 330 - 350 is done with a lap top that is running specified Cummins software. Secondly what many RV'ers do not know is that not all 330's can be boosted. It all depends on the ECM model your coach has. There are several types of ECM's for 330's. My 05 Ambassador cannot be boosted because it has a transit bus ECM which is locked in at 330 HP for life. My son, a certified Cummins tech and an ECM expert sat down one day and c
  21. I am disappointed to see Steve Parvin wont be there. He owes me big time which is why he probably is avoiding Perry. His excuse will be " I have to work ". Yeah right, as if Veterinarians work for a living. 🙂 I arrived Sunday and will have a Stone Vos / Talin RV booth. Be sure and stop in to say hello. I will also be cruising the parking area's in an orange Kubota RTV. Flag me down to say hello. Have a cup of coffee ready for me. 🙂 Hope to see you all there.
  22. I remember my first trip to CA - 1975. It was miserable - Marine Corps Boot camp. My wife and I went back in 2006 and enjoyed Chula Vista, San Diego, Pismo Beach, the mountains and the deserts. It is a gorgeous State. Unfortunately I will not return. Been there, done that, paid crazy prices for everything and do not care to go back.
  23. Captain Fogle: If you can get that basement door closed and taped up I can have a new door made for you here. I just seen you are schedule to visit us soon. Contact Amy and send her pictures of her door. I will show Bobby and see if he can fabricate a new one. He has done them in the past and does an awesome job. If you let me know which basement door it is I can also take him one of mine to duplicate it and have it ready for you when get here. I believe your coach is identical to mine - 05 AMB / 40-PLQ
  24. Here is one that is PC based and notifies you via text message. I personally do not like using phone based software as I find it hard to see and my fat fingers never types well on a tiny keyboard. I know nothing about this software but will probably buy it and give it a try. I can use it for the coach, Genny, car, truck, tractor, and RTV. I have been needing something like this to keep track of everything I own and need to maintain. Software: http://automotivewolf.com/index.htm
  25. Tyron all the way. If the Retrobands were that good the military would be using them. Instead they use Tyron. No idea what the price differential is between the two but for me it wouldn't matter. I refuse to pinch pennies on safety items. My life is worth a lot more then the few dollars I would save by buying an inferior product. JMHO
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