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  1. Paul A.


    During 9 years of the 10 years we full timed, i had a 15# powertank.com that i purchased from them for $.495.00. I used nitrogen by choice which i filled it with from Industrial Gas supply entity's. It was awesome, very quick, and the 15# tank would last for 1 to 1-1/2 years before refilling for 12-14$. I had a spot for it in the basement, and put quick disconnects on it for the 50' air line i used for the coach and Toad. I Sold it in 2014 for 350$. Best thing i ever did for the inflation issue we all have to address. Paul A
  2. Has anyone asked waderv.com about making windshield screen with magnets?? Paul A
  3. We obtained a I Pass from the state of Illinois in 2003. We registered our coach and toad tag information. We full timed from 2004 -2014. Never had a charge dispute and used it all over the U S. Only exception then was the Will Rogers Turnpike in Ok. Paul A
  4. Chris Could you please elaborate on the portion of your statement; " canvas maker/fabricator. " The "canvas maker" is very intriguing. Paul A
  5. Check out dynaflexproducts.com. I had a 525 ISX in a 07 Executive i did the following changes to the intake and exhaust components. I replaced the OEM air cleaner with one from AFE, which had a washable filter element and more CFM capacity, same micron spec. Next i replaced ALL the pleated intake hose with rubber fittings and aluminum tubing from intakehoses.com. That's what truckers use. Got rid of all the air friction in the intake. Next was a resonator to replace the muffler from dynaflexproducts.com. Largest MFG. of class 8 truck exhaust components in the U S A. Did not like that so i wen
  6. You have to wonder if the Vanity mud flap contributes to the rear radiator accumulating contaminated air from the roadway. Paul A
  7. Ask the local class 8 truck dealers where they get their frame work done. Do some phone interviewing. Paul A
  8. I would replace the 18 year old ignition switch. May not be defective, but a good proactive P M step. Paul A
  9. Steve We have had good posts here and on otther RV sites about; Fisher & Paykel Counter Depth Refrigerators Paul A
  10. Here is another source to consider. Tough Top Awnings Website Awning supplier in Hockinson, Washington Address: 17311 NE 182nd Ave, Brush Prairie, WA 98606 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 5PM Phone: (360) 953-3299 Paul A
  11. We ended up doing the same thing. That plastic clear hose is just not the correct one for that application. I also changed the cap to 7#. Paul A You may want to try using a mirror , one like the dentists use. They are cheap at harbor Freight. Check it when you start it up when the unit is cold. Paul A
  12. Thank you for this great informative post. Know any truck repair service that could see if they can buy for you?? Paul A
  13. THE number -1- specification for me was and always will be the filter element micron size. Paul A
  14. Phil I would take several photos, then make a sketch with dimensions of the existing Air Cleaner and take it to NAPA. With that and the engine info they should be able to match it up. Keep in mind the micron size of the filter element is important. I provided that information when i ordered a AFE filter to replace the original one . Paul A
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