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  1. We had the M & G Brake for our toad braking 10 years full timing. About as simple as it gets.
  2. http://sourcerv.com/conversion would be my choice as well.
  3. There are many more options today, than 16 years ago. The guy i bought the Power Tank from had a demonstration once a week in the RV park we were in for 2 months and Sold a bunch of them. Like so many things related to that life style of full timing, it is a personal choice. AS far as pricing like i always say, the only thing that always goes down is your underwear, everything goes UP!
  4. I meet a guy in Indio, Ca. in 11-2005 at a RV Park who was inflating his coach tires with a powertank.com . He was a distributor for the product. I purchased a 15# Tank and all the accessories for the use of it. I had the tank filled with Nitrogen, MY choice. It was amazing. Filled coach tires from 105# to 110# in less than -1- minute. I installed it in the coach basement, with quick disconnects, and used a 50' hose to air up the coach and toad from either side of the coach. The tank of nitrogen would last 1 to 1-1/2 years between refills, costing between 12-14$ at Gas Supply businesses arou
  5. I would suggest you talk to; https://www.truckspring.com/ They are a firestone Stocking dealer for air springs[air bags]. many coach owners have had success with the firm.
  6. C&P it in a NEW google search. It worked for me.
  7. Hold the POWER button down a bit. It may re-boot.
  8. Try here; Beaver Motorcoaches - Luxury Motorhome Manufacturer
  9. 7# is adequate. Nothing special about that. Had one on a ISL 400, ISX 525 and Aqua Hot 10 years full timing.
  10. WE ordered a 2007 Executive and decided to do this, instead of the built in TV in the slide wall. It was the ultimate utilization of a basement compartment. The tray locked in 12" increments. Total cost was $3600.00. Not trying to steal a thread, just an F Y I. We used the LP from the coach.
  11. I used a ratchet type tie down to compress the strut for removal and measured that length, then pre set the new one to that length.
  12. You loose basement storage area with a tag axle. Best to have a 40+' coach with a tag configuration.
  13. We met Bill & Peggy in 2005 at the FMCA Rally in Perry Ga. A great Man , Friend and unselfish contributor to the RV Community with utmost respect for addressing an issue & providing a resolution with dignity .
  14. We full timed from 2004-2014. I always used google earth to view any fuel stops being considered and all RV parks as well. A very handy tool for so may reasons.
  15. Be sure the wires going to the Pressure switch have a loop or a low point before going to the switch so water does not run into the switch. Prevents premature failure of the switch.
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