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  1. Does your Aladdin feed through a Kenwood flip up monitor?
  2. We had a similar issue. What monitor for the Aladdin do you have in your unit? Do you have a second monitor? Our main monitor was dark and out bedroom was working. We had help from this group and finally found out Aladdin and the front monitor is working again. It shows no shore power, we are still working out the bugs. We had to replace our transfer switch. Good luck.
  3. Hey Steven, this looks great. This is one we are looking to do also. Did you leave you j couch or replace it also? we are replacing both. 2006 Monaco Executive
  4. Patrick we have a 2006 Executive. We have under cabinet rope lighting in the kitchen that has gone out. I was curious if you replaced this area or not? Looking for ideas and suggestions. thanks.
  5. I have a board for sale if you are interested. Also a bone color porcelain tank cover.
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