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  1. It'l take overnight to get completely cold. Good news is that the cooling unit seems to be working. The norcold 1200 monitors the temp only in the refrigerator. There's a clip with a wire going to it on one of the fins in the top right back of the refrigerator compartment. This is the part that senses the temperature. The cold refrigerant solution circulates first to the left freezer compartment, then to the right freezer compartment, before cooling the refrigerator compartment. So the first place to freeze will be the back of the left freezer compartment. (this is where to keep your i
  2. Re: Norcold refrigerator. Unless the owner does a lot of dry camping, as I do, a residential refrigerator is probably the best solution when the unit fails. In my case I chose to replace the Norcold cooling unit with an Amish cooling unit. I also have installed axillary fans, an automatic fire extinguisher, and the Fridge Defend control unit. The arprv.com website has extensive information on how these refrigerators work, and their various strong and weak points. My freezer now stays between 8 and 15 degrees. Of all the improvements I made, I think the Fridge Defend was the most importa
  3. My solar system will charge both the house and chassis batteries. When en route the alt light will come on once the voltage and/or current from the solar charge controller meets all of the needs that the alternator would normally be meeting. This serves me as a secondary indication that my batteries are fully charged. I'll usually turn off the solar system at the nest stop so I don't keep seeing the alt light. 2002 HR Endevour
  4. If you haven't yet purchased the tow bar you might find this interesting. I used to have my Blue Ox tow bar inspected and serviced every other winter at the Quartzsite show. A couple of years ago they doubled the price but still refused to service my tow bar because of its age. (over 8 years) I replaced it with a Roadmaster bar with Blue Ox ends. Now I get it serviced and inspected every 2 years at the Quartzsite show free of charge. Do business with those who treat you well!
  5. I have been fulltiming in my 2002 Endeavor for 11 years. I re-stitched and repaired my Carefree Omega slide toppers twice before becoming a very happy Stone Vos customer. I installed my Stone Vos acrylic slide toppers over 4 years ago; they still appear like new. They are also pretty rugged. I used to bring my slides in when the desert winds kicked up, but now I just leave them out. (I did first have to retrofit the old manual anti-billow device to my large slide topper as the new style automatic device didn't work right) It's pretty common for we RV end users to feel abandoned by OEMs a
  6. I fixed this problem in my 2002 Endeavour by replacing the blower motor resistor. It was located on the blower motor housing and is accessible from the front of the coach thru the generator door.
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