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  1. Also considering replacing the 32" Sharp but want to install with a mounting bracket that slides down. Get a neck "crick" when watching from the copilot seat... would like to lower the tv from the current near ceiling location when stopped and watching. Anyone found a vertically sliding mount? Adam 2010 Neptune
  2. The list of HR and Monaco models did not include HR Neptunes. They were bad/suspect, too.
  3. Installed the Monaco designed ride enhancement kit and the ride quality (front end bounce and control) much improved! I'm sure the Source kit may be better because of their proprietary shocks. Your next chassis improvement should be changing out the Shepard steering box for the TRW...it is probably one of the best mods you can make. Lots of info on this site, Ramblers and others. Adam 2010 Neptune 37PBQ
  4. I've never owned a side radiator coach so not sure if I'm barking up an incorrect tree but...don't the cooling fans on motorhomes always blow "out" from the engine compartment? Adam 2010 Neptune 37PBQ
  5. Check your build sheet which should be attached to a wall or cabinet. Look for the steer axle model, serial number and manufacturer. Should be Eating/Dana or Meritor. Google tech support and give them a call. Monaco/HR bought "dressed" axles complete less wheels/tires for their chassis build so seal and other wheel end parts will be on axle manufacturer's build sheet. Adam 2010 Neptune 37PBQ
  6. I purchased a pancake compressor rated at 150 psi from Harbor Freight. Depending on their sales cycle or coupon, about $100. Since usage is minimal, not concerned about longevity but 5+ years already. Seems like all the smaller compressors come from China so brand is not too important.
  7. Try Veurinks parts department. They are an HR dealer and website has a number of high mounts listed.
  8. Not sure about the lighting configuration of your coach but most the the HR/Monacos I've seen over the years are pretty much the same. There is a light above the driver's seat that can be pulled down/out and that should provide access to the roof (and also permits access to the Winegard TV batwing wiring). Once you're in the roof cavity you have all sorts of options on drilling a new hole for the antenna, fishing the cable to either the window pillars, etc. Adam 2010 Neptune 37PBQ, 2019 Jeep Cherokee
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