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  1. Rest in peace, Bill. We'll miss you.
  2. FYI. Weather too cold to go sniffing for it myself. Mike's LP Gas, Maplewood, MN found my leak in no time. Leaking hose going to the regulator. Took it in at 10 AM, done by 3 that afternoon. Good job! Dave
  3. Wow. Thanks for all the responses and ideas about my gas leak. I guess I need to go by some propane and start sniffing (Ugg - it's cold and snowy here!😉). The propane sniffer is due to arrive tomorrow. Stay safe! Dave
  4. Thanks, Scotty. I forgot that I do indeed have a water heater too. I just ordered a sniffer from Amazon. Good idea.
  5. My 2005 HR Scepter has apparently developed a gas leak this winter. I live in cold Minnesota, and the coach is in storage here. I haven't paid much attention to propane levels as I never use much. Have a residential fridge, so cooktop and furnaces are the only propane consumers. Tank was pretty full when I put it in storage this fall. Took the coach for an exercise ride a couple of days ago, and the furnaces wouldn't come on, so I tried the gas stove burners. Nothing! Mechanical gauge on tank says completely empty. Aladdin monitoring system says almost empty, and that system is not ver
  6. For what it's worth, on my old 2001 Diplomat, in about 2012 some of the stitching had broken on some awnings along the exposed sides of the covers. It wasn't a lot, but clearly things were deteriorating. Also, they would collect rain as they bowed under the weight of rainwater collecting on top of them and they would gradually let the rainwater drip onto the slideout top they were designed to protect. I hand re-stitched just the deteriorating stitching, probably with nylon thread, and then sprayed all my exposed awning cover fabric on all four slide-outs with a clear Silicone Water Guard sp
  7. My coach frequently has an irritating rattle as I drive. It sounds like it is coming from above and behind my left shoulder. Recently I put a ladder up against the driver’s side retracted slide out and banged on things from the outside. The driver’s side awning seems secure, but when I banged on the housing for the slide out cover it sounded like the cover retracting spring was laying on the aluminum housing and rattling around. The spring is not broken, as the slide out cover retracts OK when I retract the slide out. Is there something that is supposed to go between the spring and housing
  8. I use the powerpulse sometimes, but my concern is using them while is storage with no external power to maintain the battery charge level. How much power do they consume? I don't want my batteries to go dead while in storage because of the power used by them.
  9. To be honest, I don't remember where they came from, but I'll be more careful next time. Thanks. Dave
  10. Not at all. Enjoy. Can you actually enjoy having them??😉
  11. Here is a set. 2006 Windsor Camelot and Scepter wiring diagrams.pdf
  12. OK, thanks to all the clues from the forum, I found the outdoor temperature thermistor. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was in the fuel tank compartment but on the road side attached to the ceiling. I unplugged the sensor- with its 1 foot lead - and measured continuity directly. The resistance changed as I warmed it up, so the next question was why doesn't the Aladdin read any temperature? I bypassed the interconnection wiring and connected it directly to the Aladdin connector box on the ceiling of the slide out storage bay and it worked fine - plugged into either the outdoor temp conn
  13. In my case they bought an exact replacement and it worked fine. But I did tell them I thought an exact replacement was the safest way to go, given all the comments on the forum.
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