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  1. Indeed I have figured out that my subwoofer is /was under the table in the cabinet. Thanks to all for the information. It turns out that the subwoofer was powered by the Riverpark switch box in the side cabinet above the driver. That in turn was apparently controlled by the RCA Home Theatre system. The home theatre system was removed by a former owner. Therefore, I had nothing to tell the RiverPark controller what to do. Also, the RiverPark controlled the sub-woofer and front center speaker, which no longer were driven by anything since the RCA Home Theatre was gone. So I tossed the sub
  2. I removed the unit under the table and it is indeed the non-powered subwoofer. I had a River Park sound management box that connected the JVC dash radio to the speakers, but no receiver anymore to drive the River Park and make it do connections. I can't figure out what wires fed the subwoofer from the RiverPark yet. My dash radio (a replacement, I am sure) has a subwoofer out jack so if I can figure out how to connect the JVC subwoofer out to the rca rtd250 subwoofer, maybe it will work?
  3. The Monaco electrical diagrams show a left and right front speaker, a left and right rear speaker, a center speaker and a subwoofer in my coach. I can't find the subwoofer. But some electrical diagram from some related coach showed a subwoofer in a cabinet under the table, but when I look inside one of the cabinets under the table there is a sealed off, built in metal box (maybe 14"x14"x6") inside of it, and no storage space. The other door under the table is just shelf storage. The box sure doesn't look like any subwoofer I have ever seen, and it is hard to believe it is a subwoofer. It
  4. Where are the temperature sensors (I assume thermistors) located in a 2005 HR Scepter or 2005 Camelot? Mine show -31 degrees or so on the Aladdin, so I assume they are disconnected, shorted or non-existent, or the Aladdin is broken.. Dave Jones 2005 HR Scepter
  5. I composed much of this to share with someone with a windshield cracking problem on a 2005 Camelot, but it pretty much summarizes what I have learned about the problem. I drove my used 2005 Scepter for about 12,000 miles without a windshield problem. Then I had 3 cracked windshields in a row before Safelite auto glass said you need to do some bodywork before we will put a 4th windshield in, and they shared a pdf with me about windshield problems with 2005, 2006 and 2007 Camelots and Scepters. Apparently about June 1, 2007 Monaco published a PDF entitled 2006 service bulletin about windshield
  6. Solved: I have been trying to figure out where the 7 amps discharge reported by the Aladdin is going. The trombetta relay was probably energized. The salesman’s switch relay was bypassed. Here is what I found using an ammeter and NOT the Aladdin display. My Aladdin reading is apparently always 4 amps low, i.e., if you add 4 amps to whatever it says, you have pretty much what is flowing in or out of the battery. So that meant I was really discharging only 3 amps. By measuring with an ammeter: The light in the rear electrical bay pulls a little over 1 amp. T
  7. When I am plugged in and on shore power, fully charged house batteries, Aladdin says I have a 2 or 3 amp discharge. When I unplug, it says 7 amp discharge with inverter off (microwave is off, solar disconnected, TV stuff disconnected and fridge is unplugged). Everything I can think of is off except the Aladdin. What can be pulling that much power? Dave Jones 2005 HR Scepter
  8. I live in Minnesota and want to go to Mass and on up to Maine. I am less concerned about routes than I am travel during the Covid crisis. I was told many states out east have a 2 week quarantine, so how do things work when going from state to state? Do RV parks say anything about quarantines? I feel like one can shelter in place in an RV. I have to buy groceries wherever I am, so I feel like buying fuel is the biggest additional risk in traveling. Dave Jones 2005 HR Scepter
  9. https://cgj.com/ CJ@C did mine. Works OK. Dave Jones 2005 HR Scepter
  10. I installed relays and powered the actual bulbs from a +12 volt feeder terminal if the front electrical bay of my former 2001 Diplomat. So the headlight switch turned on the relays which then supplied power to the lamps without going through the headlight switch. I found the relays as a set along with a wiring harness somewhere on-line. Try Googling headlight relays. Also, here is a 5 year old note I had saved about using relays. I just mounted the relays next to the headlights somewhere. Maybe even use the "professional" method Monaco used to use, i.e., just dangle the relays from the w
  11. I assume your ignition is off. If you remove the fuse, the relay lets power go to the TV, but if the relay is stuck open, removing the fuse won't help.
  12. I have read posts talking about how much less expensive it is to get a coach painted in Mexico.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions on my controller board problem. I recently posted about problems with a new control module for my 2005 HR Scepter power step. I spent several days trying to solve my step issue, and thought I would post my solution in case someone else encounters the same problem. I bought a Lippert Electric Step Control Module, REV 164889. The package label says it is for all Lippert steps, but clearly it isn’t. I installed it but it did not work. After testing it against a Lippert test procedure, it appeared defective so I got a new one, which tested the same way. My c
  14. I am stymied. My electric step on my 2005 HR Scepter quit working. The step itself works when powered up using just a battery, so clearly the motor is OK, and my diagnosis is that the controller has failed (corrosion of wires at circuit board resulted in wires coming loose from board. Resoldering didn’t fix it.) So I bought a replacement board from Veurinks. Board is a Electric Step Control Module REV 164889 and is a rectangular one – not the one that has a triangular mounting plate as part of it and is for steps newer than 2006. It seems like that is the only one available for Quickee
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