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  1. Laurice, years ago, while I lived I Florida, I had Lazy Days install my XM antenna because I didn’t want to drill a hole in the roof of my 05 Windsor, Well, some time later while up behind the TV, I realized that when they installed the antenna, they just used silicone sealer to attach it to the inside of the fiberglass Cap behind the clearance lights. It worked perfect as the signal went through the fiberglass duncan H, 14 Entegra Anthem 05 Windsor sold SF Bay Area
  2. I repaired my hose reel with John’s kit about 5 or 6 years ago. Need to be a superhero to install the SS rivets. I used a few standard aluminum rivets and it worked fine until I sold the Windsor Duncan H 14 Entegra Anthem
  3. Bob and Dennis, I believe the OP said his coach is on a Freightliner chassis not a Roadmaster duncan, 14 Entegra Anthem 15 Windsor sold hunkered down in N Calif
  4. Yes, SeeLevel has an adapter that enables Alladin to use their sensors
  5. You might try Creative Coach in Lakeland. They do good work, especially on paint and body. I believe they do interior work also Duncan Holt
  6. I used Dazzling Details 6 or 7 years ago to remove and replace the film on the front of my 05 Windsor. They came to Melbourne and did the job in one day. If I need to do the same on my 14 Entegra I would plan a trip from CA to have Paul and crew do it again Duncan. Holt 14 Entegra Anthem 05 Windsor- sold now in Santa Rosa, CA
  7. Can’t you Google REV to find their number?
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