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  1. As is commonly said "Thanks, I needed that!" the manual.
  2. I want to let all of those who responded to my plea for suggestions regarding my Surge / Transfer question, how much I appreciate you all, and just to be a member of such a helpful group. We are continuing our daily travel trip north towards home and I look forward to using these suggestions later next week to resolve the issue. Thanks, Gary 2002' Sig
  3. Help, Sitting with 105 degree outside temperature, and running our three AC's here in Yuma, AZ. on 50 Amp shore power, as we Shelter in Place. Then, Bam! everything shut down and I found the coach was now on inverter mode. Thus, no AC was available until I started the 12K Generator. The Generator ran all three AC's without issues. Then, I went outside to check out the issue. Investigating, I looked at the Leviton Surge Protector and found that the two, normally green indicator lights were dark. Since I did not see a reset button on the protector, I decided shut everything down
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