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Awning Rail Source


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I need a length of awning rail and can't find the source.  I have searched in this forum and on others.  I looked in the Monaco parts list.  It is possible I am calling it the wrong thing.  I did find in the parts list that one of the suppliers is All-Rite.  Went to the All-Rite web site and what they have doesn't match what I have.  I would like to find the exact replacement but where I'm using it, I don't need the rounded part where the awning fits into.. just need the "rail" that you would screw into the side where the roof and sidewall meet and it is then covered with the molding.  I'm enclosing some photos with measurement so you will know what I"m talking about.  It is the aluminum "railing" that makes up the upper beltline.  I know many of you have repaired the upper beltline ... I"m needing to replace  about 6' of the beltline rail due to a refrigerator fire a few years ago - I had the repair done, but it wasn't done right and I'm  redoing it.  Any help in locating this component would be helpful. 




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Thanks Berry.. I had look and they don't show the type rail that is on my coach.  I'll call REV on Thursday and see if they have a supplier listed.  When I look at the way the trim mounts, most of the ones is see pop into the rail, and the one that came on my coach pop onto the outside of th rail.. the molding is also very heavy on my coach vs what I find available.

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What year and model coach is that on?

That is an aluminum extrusion.

The Company that had the tooling made and owns is usually the Manufacturer.  

A source may be A RV salvage yard.

Maybe a repair shop may have one laying around. 

Google; aluminum awning extrusions. Many options.

Paul A

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Thanks Paul.. I thought I had my make/model in my signature but guess not. 

2004 Safari Zanzibar

The files section says that all-rite was the supplier.   I have looked on their site and this extrusion is not listed.  I plan to go to their Conyers GA plant later this week or next and see if they have something not on their web site.     I have contacted a couple of repair shops with no luck,.. a couple of them source this from All-Rite.   I have googled this extensively and have not found a match.  Thanks Anyhow,




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