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Switch for entry door awning


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Good Morning....I am in need of a replacement switch for my Carefree awning over the entry door.  My searches of the web have proved fruitless so I am hoping one of you wise souls can point me in the correct direction.  The original switch has gotten real flaky...it will always go out but getting it to come back in is another adventure.  Sometimes it will work on the 1st try & then other times I have to play with it for a good long time to get it to come in...once it starts retracting it will come all the way in. 

An inquiry to Veurink's resulted in a "no longer available" but they have a substitute available for $56.30 plus shipping...that sounds pretty  steep to me.  

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance...billgr

03 GX470 pushing our 09 Camelot 40QDP

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I had a similar problem and have always used: rvawnings1.com  813 956 6827.  I have broken several parts to my Carefree electric awning and they have parts.  The last one was the in/out switch and power unit.  They sent me a new switch and a wire around the power switch.  I had to make a new mounting plate but it works!!  Ken Parsons 02 Diplomat pbdd

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