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Aqua-Hot service


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I have been told there is an excellent service location somewhere near Ocala or Wildwood Florida but I cannot remember the name. I checked the Aqua-Hot website by did not recognize any of their authorized providers. 
Suggestions please.  Thanks. 
John B

2007 Dynasty Squire

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Unfortunately that video demonstrates exactly why I drive 80 miles each way to have my Aqua-Hot repaired & serviced.

My Aqua-Hot is located in the very same place as the one in the video and has access only through the sliding panels from an adjacent bay.

The key statement in the video is "you have to be a contortionist" to work on the Webasto which I am NOT.

Therefore, I have always paid to have work done on my Aqua-Hot.

If Monaco had installed the system correctly in the first place located near the bay door so one could access the Webasto from outside the coach I would be doing all of my service and repairs myself.

My service tech at the Hitching Post of Ocala stated that Tiffin has made it even more difficult in some cases by installing the Aqua-Hot behind a panel which needs to be removed every time to work on it.

That's a great video though so thanks for posting it!

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I have been using A1 RV repair for servicing the Aqua Hot in my Foretravel. If you are in the area of Melbourne, Florida,  They have a Mobile Service that will come to you.

They will also honor any Extended Warranty. They are a Certified RV Repair Facility.

I just had them service my Aqua Hot last week. They are very dependable and do excellent work

Their contact info; A1 RV Repair, 1050 South US Hwy 1 Suite 22, Malabar, Florida 329350. Phone 321-506-1813 

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