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Slides & Jacks Not Working Update

Gary M

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As of 01/11/2020, found Lippert Brain 🧠 that Lippert said did not exist. Just needed 5amp fuse and two rear slides came alive. Replaced hydraulic pump motor and now front slides and jacks all working.
In actuality the brain was a small circuit board located in battery compartment and was made by IDS of which Lippert purchased in 2014.72CF5F6B-49DF-41A6-95C8-FA5D8E8C79E2.thumb.jpeg.06c964b66e27c411a73e519d0d32fac9.jpeg
Long Explanation:
I was changing a lighted rocker switch to my water heater. Unplugged molex connector that powered both rockers for wtr htr. Changed rocker (success). About to put panel back when I heard a loud whining noise in bedroom area and burning smell, then overhead lights started to flicker. It was the inverter screaming for some reason so first I shut off both battery cut-off switches then shut down shore power. Power at box good, batteries voltage good, turn 12v back on(all good), checked ATS(all good), shut all 110v breakers off, plugged into shore power, ATS power good, 110v main on along with all breakers except inverter(all good), inverter breaker back on, sounds normal but absorb charging at 13.8v which its never done before. After about 10 minutes it settled back to float at 12.7v. All seemed good so exited coach to track burnt smell. Noticed rubber cap for hydraulic motor on ground. Opened door to put cap back on and burnt smell was weak but in that general area. No power to pump. 150 amp resettable break popped. Reset, checked power to pump motor good. Oops! Slides do not work! Wiring diagram shows 30 amp breaker that powers Lippert  Slideout Brain. Thats good but where’s the Brain??? What else should I do or look for?


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