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Missing bracket from Windsor Radiator

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Hi all, 

I was looking under my 03 Windsor, and noticed a disconnected bracket going from the rear of the radiator to the main chassis.  It looks like it could just bolt to the stud in the pictures, but the bar doesn't have much wiggle room and didn't want to move to touch that stud.  So I'm wondering if there was another connector piece?  Overall everything seems sturdy, I'm not sure how important this bracket is in the big picture.

Can anyone with a Windsor around the same era take a look and see how their coach looks?  Anyone else have any experience with this bracket?





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I don’t have a Windsor but common sense tells me to re-bolt that bracket back up. Looks like u need new bolt and nut. The round black piece is a rubber cushion. I have a rear radiator with two brackets and rubber cushions.

Just my opinion

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From the picture it almost looks like the bolt broke off.  Install a long enough bolt to be able to attach the bracket with a nut and washer and pull the bracket into place as you tighten  the nut.  If it is too tight consider adding some washers as spacers to make up some of the gap.

The 2003 model is the first year of the new chassis for the Windsor so they may have spec'd the bracket too short.

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Do you know if the radiator was ever changed? It could be as simple as the new part had a different bracket and the installer thought, "This seems sturdy enough". I agree with the concept of replacing with a longer bolt and new bushing. I've had to replace a few things like this over the years, often by getting a longer bolt that's fully threaded, then using multiple nuts, fender washers, and lock washers to make up the shortfall in spacing.

George C, 2005 Exec

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Hi All, thanks for the comments and suggestions.

George, I don't believe mine has been changed.  Yes, the bolt looks broken off, but I'll take a closer look after more project work today (this was found while taking out the alternator).

I'm at a rally, and did find another 2003 Windsor, so took a look underneath and found a rubber hanger strap.  (see pic)  But even on theirs, the bolt on the chassis side is welded differently.

But like I said mine seems pretty sturdy and I have no idea how long it's been gone, so I'm putting it on the "medium priority" list once we get parked for a while in another month.  🙂

thanks, Jason.



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Put a "Lock Nut" on both of them. The one stud does look broken off, but there still is enough room to put a "Lock Nut" on it.

Vibration is a big deal on these rigs. The six cylinder engine is really trying to shake itself apart. That is why every part is so heavily engineered. Make sure fasteners are tight. Use "Red Lock Tight" if you need too.


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