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Fresh Water Tank Full?


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Pulling up anchor from a park in Milton FL, I discovered that my fresh water tank was completely full.  So full that when I removed the fill cap out came about 5 gallons of water.  I have diagnosed that the check valve in the FW pump must have failed or simply stuck.   I ran the fresh water pump for about 10 minutes and then drained the entire tank.   I am leaving the city water on for tonight in hopes that cured the problem.   If it hasn't solved the issue I will either install a second check valve or replace the pump.   I suppose that there is not a vent on the freshwater tank OR the check valve was slowing the flow enough to prevent it from leaking out the vent OR worse rupturing the tank.

The thought crossed my mind to drill a hole in the fill cap and install a tube to direct water overboard, at least if this occurs again I would notice the water leaking out first.   Has anyone else had this issue?  Am I just wasting tome hoping I cured a stuck check valve or should I just go ahead and replace the pump?

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There is, I think, an overflow tube on all these coaches.  It might be blocked but some insect nest.

I had a similar problem and eventually replaced the pump and the problem was solved.

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