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Wiring diagrams Monaco Cayman 2006


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2 hours ago, whaley96raw said:

Does anyone know how to obtain a book of wiring diagrams for the above?

Rick W

I uploaded a bunch of diagrams for 2006-2007 Cayman-Neptune a couple days ago. I got them from the new Monaco company back in Sept. 2019.

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7 hours ago, LHAD38 said:

I wonder how close the 2006-2007 Cayman-Neptune wiring diagrams are to the ones I need for a 2004 Cayman?

Comparing the the online literature for the 2004 to my 2007, there are significant differences in the features offered. Hydraulic vs air brakes for one.  The body style of the 2004 is quite a bit different too.  I would expect there to be significant differences in the wiring also.  The diagrams I uploaded can be found in the Download tab on this sight.  There is also a 2003 Dynasty wiring diagram that might be closer. 

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