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Flush Mounted Progressive Industries Remote - 2006 Dip

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Hello all!

Permanently installed my remote for my Progressive Industries surge protector... with a little help from a friend!

I found plans for a custom metal bezel to flush mount the PI remote. Paul Whittle  @pwhittle revised those plans to 3-D print the bezel and it turned out awesome!




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Nice job Scotty. That is where I mounted our SeeLevel Tank Monitor Display. I put the Progressive display up top where the 5 button thermostat used to be. Don't make the same mistake I did if you move the thermostat. As you can see from the photo below I first mounted the new 10 button thermostat where the black plastic cover is. Like a dumb ass I did not think to check where the pocket door would land. I had previously installed the 5 button thermostat where the plastic cover is and the pocket door cleared. Of course the 10 button is wider and interfered with the pocket door. Had to move it further towards the front of the coach and cover up my mistake.



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21 hours ago, Scotty Hutto said:

Bob, what is the TriStar panel for?


I installed about 600 watts of solar on the roof with an MPPT controller. TriStar is the brand name of the controller and that is the remote display for the MPPT charger. Since the LED tank level system that came with the coach was worthless, especially after installing the SeeLevel, I cut out the tank level display and replaced it with the TriStar remote panel.


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2 hours ago, Doug Hoegh said:

Scotty was fishing the wire from the power bay easy?  Nice bezel.


Hmmm. I don’t think anything that requires me crawling under the coach is “easy”. 😂

Seriously, it wasn’t too bad, just required some patience and planning.  I “stuffed” the phone wire into existing corrugated split conduits until I got close to the bay with the water tanks, then followed the route of the tank monitor wires up the chase to the display panel. A fish tape and fish rods were crucial. 

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