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LPG Detector End of Life

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I last replaced my Safe-T-Alert LPG Detector model 40-442-P in January 2016. Well this past month, January 2021, it started with its EOL alert once again.

They say that they should be replaced every 5 years and WOW, this thing has pretty good smarts. It knew that it was almost exactly 5 years.


Ordered a new one on Amazon for about $50. Such a deal!

I guess I should check the date on my CO detector in the bedroom as I think I last changed them about the same time. Have to check my maintenance records.

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I wonder if they have some type "timer" circuitry that runs whenever the unit is powered up...  Mine too went south almost exactly 5 years after the manufacture date printed on the unit.  I replaced the LPG detector, CO detector, and smoke detectors.  

Cheap insurance, but still I wonder about that timer... maybe they're just trying to "help" us remember to replace them.  🤣

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Do they continue to beep till you cut power to them? 

Mine has never gone off, green power lights still on, and I 'think' they are original. Regardless, I've owned the coach about 8yrs.

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Mine are original and still working also. My cell is 5 and going wacko. My desktop computer that was a refurbished unit in 2010 keeps on going and going and going.

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Our coach is parked on a pad at our house, hooked to electricity.  A couple weeks ago i went inside to put something in the bedroom, while back there heard a BEEP, assumed it was the smoke detector (don't assume stuff), took it off the ceiling on my way out-brought it inside to install a new battery.  A few days pass before i take it back to the coach and just as i was securing it to the ceiling....beep.... H'mmm that was not the smoke detector????  look under the kitchen cabinet and see the propane detector flashing the 2 red/2green code.  I remember there's some warning information printed on the front, get a flashlight so i can read it and EOL exactly 60 months.  Not as lucky as Richard, amazon says 3-4 week lead time, should deliver next week.  Agree with Scotty, they must have an internal clock.

Choose to enjoy this day.


Hope to see some of you in Perry, I'll be the guy with the mask and parking coaches.



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Both of my detectors, LPG & CO are hard wired directly to the the house battery and are NOT connected to any switches. My smoke alarm is the only free-standing one that is lithium powered which has a 10 year life for the battery and alarm.

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I have my coach in storage and know that I will have to replace the LPG when I take it out.  FYI, I added Nest smoke, carbon monoxide detectors to the basement and interior of the coach which operates of my wifi hot spot and alerts me if there is an issue.  I would get an alert well in advance of a potential issue being noticeable to a passerby.

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From the SafeTAlert 65 Series User's Manual (the LP detector maybe similar):

End of Life Signal - The Sensor has a 5 Year Service Life 
All 65 Series models include an End of Life (EOL) Signal indicating the sensor has reached the end of its service life and you must replace the alarm. The signal is the LED flashing RED RED GREEN GREEN with a beep every 25-30 seconds. The EOL Signal may be reset by pushing TEST / RESET button on the alarm. This will reset the EOL Signal for a period of 72 hours  (3 days) for a total of up to 30 days. After 30 days the signal cannot be reset and the alarm must be replaced. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE ALARM UNTIL YOU HAVE A REPLACEMENT ALARM AVAILABLE TO INSTALL.

CO - 65_Series.pdf

Propane - 40_Series.pdf

From https://www.mtiindustries.com/faq/ the Safe-T-Alert website FAQ:

How often should safety Alarms be replaced on a RV?

Replace your Propane and CO Alarms that are over 5 years old. Only install Propane and CO Alarms that are UL listed for Recreational Vehicle Use. Some CO Alarms or their replaceable CO sensors may have a shorter service life. Check the manufacturer’s owner’s manual for replacement information. Replace your Smoke & Fire Alarms that are over 10 years old.

Trouble-shooting Guide

Green Operational LED Off

1. Bad Wire Connection
2. Reversed Wiring
3. Main Power Off
4. Missing Or Blown Fuse
5. Contact Customer Service 1-800-383-0269

No Sound When Testing Or No Red Led When Testing

Contact Customer Service 1-800-383-0269

Locked In Alarm

Contact Customer Service

Malfunction Alarm Led Red/Green & Beeps Every 15 Seconds Battery Voltage Is Good And It Will Not Reset To Normal Operation

1. Check Battery Voltage
2. Contact Customer Service 1-800-383-0269


Push Reset Button To Reset For 3 Days – Replace Within 30 Days.


What do the visual and audible signals on the Alarm mean?


Audible Signal: None
Visual Signal: Steady Green

CO Alarm

Audible Signal: 4 “Beeps” / 5 Seconds Off
Visual Signal: Steady Red

Propane Alarm

Audible Signal: Constant
Visual Signal: Flashing Red

Alarm Malfunction

Audible Signal: “Beep” Every 25 Seconds
Visual Signal: Alternating Red / Green


Audible Signal: “Beep” Every 25-30 Seconds
Visual Signal: Red Red Green Green Flashing

Additionally, if the LED lights are blinking on an Alarm that is wired into your RV, your RV battery may be run down. Charge your unit if this occurs.


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