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messages from the Monacoers Yahoo group

Mel S - '96 Safari

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Today I received 2 email messages from the old Yahoo group...(https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups)....One with subject: "How to Reply.txt" ...and one with this subject: "MonacoersMonthlyMsg.txt"

I was able to reset/edit the "method of delivery" of the Monacoers Yahoo messages FROM  "Individual Email" TO  "No Email"... (which should fix that).

Message Delivery :
  • Individual Email
  • No Email
Isn't it time to officially/completely/finally pull the Yahoo group's plug?




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I got the same! I’m sure all will be taken care of soon plus I still see a few Monacoers are still using it. I have forwarded directions to all that keep showing up on old site. I will be curious as to how many actual members make it to new site someday.

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