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RVA Hydraulic/Manual 3Point Jacks refuse to lower

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Am looking for some sage advise as to how to proceed to find cause and fix what is causing my leveling jacks not to desend and level. I have 2004 Doplomat 40'PDQ,with RVA 3 point jack system Manual leveling hydraulic system. With ignition in position to operate jacks the switch panel to operate jacks lights up properly but when I push to operate I do not get the familiar sound of the pump working and nothing happens. I have checked the fuses in FRB with volt meter and all seem to be good. It seems like I am missing a fuse somewhere...is there possibly an "in-line" fuse that I haven't found? I get no sounds from @solinoids/hydraulic resevoir when switches are activated,however when I press switch and observe battery guage in hall I can see drop in voltage when switch is activated,telling me switch is working?? Any and all suggestions will be welcome,this is first time of any problems with these jacks other than ocassionally adding fluid to the reservoir! Thank you in advanse for your input!

Bruce E.Crocker

2004 Diplomat 40' PDQ ISC-330

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