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I have three windshield curtain panels from an 08 Knight, the drivers side panel (left side) was missing when bought the coach is why I only have the three panels. They’re clean and in good condition, free to anyone who can use them just pay shipping. 


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You seem to have replied first Richard, how can I reply to you privately? Jim

1 hour ago, steveo said:

Can yiu tell me the demensions of the curtains please?

Steve I saw another reply from you but now I can’t find it 

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On 2/27/2021 at 4:00 PM, jim.hamblin said:

I can’t tell you anymore, someplace in Texas, replaced with a two panel curtain. They worked fine. 

Pictures of what you replaced those curtains with would be a great help.  It might give us some ideas to work with.

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