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Electric awning upgrade

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Hello, we have a 2003 Monaco Windsor with the factory awning, a Carefree of Colorado model Fiesta.  It's the manual awning, and currently has at least one of the springs broken.

Rather than replace the spring and still having a fiddly manual awning, we'd like to upgrade to electric.  It appears that Carefree has a set of electric arms as an upgrade kit, but it's not clear if its compatible with the Fiesta.  I'm going to contact Carefree, but also looking for input from the wisdom of this group.

Has anyone else done an electrical upgrade on their awning of this type or era?  Was it an upgrade, or did you replace it with a brand new awning?  Any other hints or advice?  And does anyone have recommendations of companies to do this in the southwest or west coast?

Jason Reich

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I would first call Stone Vos. 
1 (352) 942-0224

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Jason, I have a 2004 Diplomat that has a factory installed Carefree Fiesta Awning that had manual arms when purchased the coach new in 2004. Got tried of walking into the arms and had the arms replaced with Carefree electric arms. What difference they make not having to go outside to put the awning out or in.

So contact Carefree for your local dealer to order and install the upgraded arms.



2004 Diplomat 36'

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