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Alarm emanating from passenger console in 2009 Camelot 40QDP


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Our 09 Camelot 40QDP is parked & plugged in down here in Mesa, AZ but is currently un-occupied.  A neighbor informed me this morning that my coach had an alarm going off so I rushed over to find a rhythmic beeping coming from the curbside console next to the passenger seat.  I was able to isolate it's relative location by removing storage compartment.  I did not find any error indications back at the control stack near the kitchen so I tried selecting switches on the console & eventually turned on the "map light" and the beeping stopped...however looking at the map light I see that it is dimming with the same cadence that the alarm beeped.  Other lights (ceiling/counter/etc) do not display this phenomena and as I said, everything looks normal back at the control stack. 

It did get down in the lower 30's last night but was in the 50's when I checked into the alarm.

Any ideas on what it is trying to tell me or how to further diagnose?


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I had a beeping alarm from the same general area. It was coming from some kind of short in the keypad. The keypad had gotten water in it.  The disconnected and all was good. I never used the keypad anyway.

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