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Fridge Fixer door lock w/ Fisher Paykel RF170


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I searched the forums and could not find information on Frdige Fixer use on Fisher Paykel French door models.
Anyone here install the Fridge Fixer on FP RF170?  As this variant is installed via adhesive strip rather than mounting with hinges on other manufacturer models. I am requesting any "first hand" information on its strength, durability & reliability w/ FP RF170.
After reviewing options for RR upgrade and checking into demision restrictions with prospective installer,  we determined best option is installing new FP RF170 in our 07 Diplomat 40 SKQ  - was only French door model/manufacturer that fit with space limitations in the slide-out (all others manufacturers are too tall).
Thanks for comments/assistance.
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6 hours ago, nyrngrz said:

I replied to your question via email but it looks like I can't just reply using email. Anyway, I have the RF170 and have been using the adhesive Fridge Fixer for at least 3 years without any problem whatsoever.




Thanks for the input.  I had a couple others state the same thing on  another site.  So I will plan on going with fridge fixer to secure the doors.



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